Fujitsu Launch Palm-Vein Scanning Mouse, Finally

Illustration for article titled Fujitsu Launch Palm-Vein Scanning Mouse, Finally

This press release from 2002 shows a Fujitsu mouse that could authenticate logins by scanning vein-patterns in a user's hand. By taking an infrared scan of a person's hand, the system can get a clear picture of their veins - the pattern is then used to authenticate users. Five years later, they have finally launched the product. So what have you been doing for 5 years, Fujitsu?


New software will come bundled with the mouse, removing the need for an authentication server, like with previous Fujitsu biometric systems. Fujitsu are calling the system Palm Secure, and it is launching at a cost of ¥30,000 (about $260). [Japan Corp]

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How old is that mouse the picture? and why does the user only have 3 fingers?

claw anyone?