Retromodo: Gizmodo's Bill Gates Interviews Through History

Bill Gates puts up with us, having granted us three interviews in the past three and a half years. It's an intense experience: Bill isn't always fond of making eye contact, and is known to snap at reporters who ask dumb questions. After all, he's not just the Andrew Carnegie-or Emperor Palpatine-of his time. He's also… » 6/27/08 1:15pm 6/27/08 1:15pm

HD DVD's Animatronic Secret Weapon Not Enough to Defeat Blu-ray

As if 1080p video, full-resolution audio, net connectivity and multi-tuner signal decoding wasn't enough, Toshiba's HD DVD team had even cooked up a system of embedded animatronic control before the format was put out of its misery. In this video left over from CES 2008, this little mechanical jazz band playing the… » 2/25/08 5:40pm 2/25/08 5:40pm

iRiver's Multimedia Unit2 has Everything We Could Want, Including Apple-esque UI

We know that iRiver has been working on its all-singing, all-dancing multimedia player-dock-thingie the Unit2 for over a year. The Apple-esque interface, its voice over IP internet telephone (yes, a telephone) and the removable 16:9 touchscreen make it look quite amazing. And expensive. We don't know the price yet,… » 2/18/08 8:32am 2/18/08 8:32am

The Weight Is Over: Extra-Thin TVs Hit the Scales

This year's CES TV competition wasn't about how big TVs could be, but how thin they could get. Samsung, JVC, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer and developer LG.Philips were all showing off their rendition of belt-tightening in the flat-panel age. Some of you perceptively noted that up against a wall, inside a cabinet… » 1/25/08 4:18pm 1/25/08 4:18pm

Solar-Powered Laptop-Charging MediaStreet eMotion Media Player Allegedly Shipping (and Cheap)

It looks like a concept—in fact, the only pictures we have of it are fancy 3D renderings doctored up in Photoshop. But according to the press release (after the jump), MediaStreet's 1GB eMotion solar-powered portable media player is already shipping for $169. That's a lot for a typical 1-gig audio-video player, but… » 1/14/08 4:35pm 1/14/08 4:35pm

Porn Star Belladonna Talks Digital Camcorders on the CES Show Floor

The crazy folks from over at Camcorderinfo.com who made that sweet CES rap and tested out a digital camera in a fishtank last week also happened to interview noted porn star Belladonna about digital video cameras. I don't know how we managed to miss this one, as we know how familiar many of you are with the work of… » 1/14/08 4:15pm 1/14/08 4:15pm

Giz Banned For Life and Loving It: On Pranks and Civil Disobedience at CES

Click to viewA Gizmodo writer has been banned from CES for a prank. But when I see some fellow press damning us for the joke, I feel sorry for them: When did journalists become the protectors of corporations? When did this industry, defined by pranksters like Woz, get so serious and in-the-pocket of big business? This… » 1/14/08 11:30am 1/14/08 11:30am

iTouchless Auto-Flusher Gives You the Posh Toilet You Always Wanted

Somehow slipping under our toilet-obsessed butts at CES, the iTouchless Auto-Flusher saves you the effort of pressing down on that flush handle once you've gone. Using IR to sense you, it does make using the toilet a little more hygienic and its 4 "C" batteries will last for 23,000 flushes, which seems incredibly… » 1/14/08 7:00am 1/14/08 7:00am

Rough Nano-Wires Hold the Secret to Efficient Heat to Electricity Conversion

The latest edition of Nature magazine details a new method scientists have derived for converting heat energy into electricity, using silicon to instigate the conversion. Researchers have more investigations to carry out, but if preliminary findings are indicative of what is to come, appliances that charge using your… » 1/13/08 7:25pm 1/13/08 7:25pm

Wii-styled 2.1 Speakers Are the Ultimate Nintendo Fanboy Accessory

Spotted on the floor of CES by Kotaku, Fenda's "On Play" 2.1 speaker system has speakers that resemble a Wii Nunchuk and a subwoofer that looks like the Wii itself. In addition to having a dock for the Wii to sit on, Kotaku's Michael McWhertor says the speakers sound pretty good and will only cost around $50 when they… » 1/12/08 4:00pm 1/12/08 4:00pm

Giz Pit Crew Is The Best, Around

When the Gizmodo Crew isn't working, their favorite hobby is to pretend they are a world famous F1 pit crew. So when CES was finally over, they headed over to the BMW booth to test their pit stopin', tire changin' skills. With teams of two on each side of the BMW F1 car, the Giz pit-crew raced head-to-head to swap out… » 1/12/08 11:00am 1/12/08 11:00am