Giz Pit Crew Is The Best, Around

When the Gizmodo Crew isn't working, their favorite hobby is to pretend they are a world famous F1 pit crew. So when CES was finally over, they headed over to the BMW booth to test their pit stopin', tire changin' skills. With teams of two on each side of the BMW F1 car, the Giz pit-crew raced head-to-head to swap out the car's tires. As you'll see in the video, Team 2 (Adam Frucci / Benny Goldberg Goldman) beat Team 1 (Haroon Malik and Matt Buchanan) by a huge time of 1.2 seconds. Since both teams have the same coach, Wilson Rothman, he didn't know if he should celebrate the win, or beat the losers; but in the end Rothman was still comfortable stating, "We're the best around, and nothin's ever gonna keep us down."

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After considering the shenanigans of late, and even my own complaints against it, I find myself waking up today completely oblivious to it until I logged back into Giz, and y'know what? I can't find myself giving a shit anymore.

Don't worry Giz, I still love you, even if you do douchebaggy things to other people, because, really, you haven't done them to me..........yet.