You Can Access 15,000 Marvel Comics Right Now For a Buck

As we all prepare our brains and twitter feeds for the unstoppable flood of comics and entertainment news that will pour out of San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced some news in the quiet before the storm. Now, for 99 cents, readers can gain access to Marvel Unlimited, the publisher's treasure trove of 15,000 issues… »7/23/14 12:53pm7/23/14 12:53pm


Digital Comics Finally Get Subscriptions and Discounted Collections

This is one of those times when you see the news and think to yourself, Wait, they just got that? Comixology—the biggest digital comics distribution platform and the service that powers the official apps of Marvel, DC, Image, and other publishers—finally has subscriptions. It also got the digital version of graphic… »7/01/13 11:13am7/01/13 11:13am

Here’s How the Video Game Comics of the Future Will Probably Look

I have a little guilt over it but I’m doing most of my comics reading on an iPad nowadays. While the convenience is great and the work can look better on the screen than in print, it’s a little weird that comics are still so static on smart devices. Comics legend Jim Lee thinks so too and, as co-publisher of DC… »6/06/13 5:18pm6/06/13 5:18pm

Infinite Comics: Marvel's New Format Changes How Comics Are Created—And Read

The first issue of Marvel's new Infinite Comics format comes out on the iPad tomorrow. It's a technological step forward—it allows artists to pace the storytelling by shifting focus within a single drawing, or staggering the appearance of text bubbles in dialogue. Yet, as Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada… »4/03/12 4:09pm4/03/12 4:09pm

Exclusive: All Marvel Digital Comics Will Be Available Same Day as Print

Marvel is taking its entire line of comics "day-and-date" digitally, meaning you'll be able to download all of the company's comics on the its mobile app just as soon as they're available in physical stores. That polishes off one of the few downsides to digital comics: Having to wait for the latest and greatest. »11/03/11 1:30pm11/03/11 1:30pm