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Two Of DC's Greatest Recent Comics Are Coming To An Early End

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

DC have been killing it lately with their range of awesome, enjoyable “Digital First” comics. That range is getting a little less awesome and enjoyable at the end of the year, with the cancellation of Batman ‘66 and Sensation Comics.

Ahead of DC’s release of their December solicitations earlier today, reports spread that a bevy of current DC titles—Doomed, Lobo, The Omega Men, Gotham By Midnight and Justice League United—would be coming to a close in November and December. These cancellations were later joined by three more: Green Lantern: The Lost Army, and as sadly, as mentioned above, Batman ‘66 and Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman.


It’s a sad blow, as Batman ‘66 and Sensation have led the vanguard for DC’s digital first initiative, and in the mean time, told some fantastic stories. Batman ‘66 was a loving tribute to the camp brilliance of the classic TV show, and had recently begun to add its own unique sixties spin on iconic Batman villains that didn’t appear in the show’s original 3 season run, like Bane, Harley Quinn, and Two-Face.


The news of Batman ‘66’s demise isn’t all bad though: it seems like the series will live on as a limited-run event comic. We already know that it was teaming up with the classic British spy team the Avengers, but today’s solicitations also revealed the comic will team up with another ‘60s icon for a six-issue miniseries written by Jeff Parker, with art from David Hahn: The Man From UNCLE. On any other day this would be fantastic news—but now, the excitement is tempered by the loss of the main series.

But what of Sensation Comics? There appears to be no future for the Wonder Woman anthology series, which we recently sang the praises of as one of the best sources of fantastic Wonder Woman storytelling in recent memory. Is there a future for all these different interpretations of Wonder Woman, alongside the version we currently get in the main Wonder Woman comic series? It doesn’t seem so, and that’s tragic. Sensation wasn’t just one of the best digital series DC had on offer, it was one of their best series, full stop.

Hopefully DC will find something to fill the huge hole in its digital roster left behind by these two icons after December.


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