Star Wars, Transformers, Robot Horses, and Comic-Con's Other Wildest Toys (So Far)

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly round up of all things toy. This week, we’re shipping ourselves off to San Diego and staying in a cramped convention hall with tons of new announcements.. an a few toys that slipped out earlier in the week. Plus, Mario Kart Hot Wheels, the Golden Girls(!), and so much more!

Batman: The Animated Series Comes to HD for the First Time Thanks to DC Universe [Updated]

DC Universe, the upcoming streaming service/comic book depository/fan hub platform dedicated to DC Comics’ best and brightest, already has a lot of very interesting reasons to tempt us to sign up. Now it’s adding another in the form of Batman: The Animated Series. But not just any version of this beloved classic: This…

The Animated Justice League Assembles, and More of the World's Finest Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the coolest toys we’ve seen on this here internet lately. This week: Comic-Con exclusive mania continues, Fantastic Beasts finds itself an extremely clever Lego set, and the best incarnation of the Justice League assembles on your toy shelf. Check it out!