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You Can Access 15,000 Marvel Comics Right Now For a Buck

Illustration for article titled You Can Access 15,000 Marvel Comics Right Now For a Buck

As we all prepare our brains and twitter feeds for the unstoppable flood of comics and entertainment news that will pour out of San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced some news in the quiet before the storm. Now, for 99 cents, readers can gain access to Marvel Unlimited, the publisher's treasure trove of 15,000 issues from current series (well, at least six months old) and classic golden- and silver-age titles.


You can also store up to 12 issues offline so you can read without a reliable Wi-Fi connection. As long as you have a Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device, you're in business.

Marvel, DC, and other publishers have been testing the best way to monetize digital comics for years, and Marvel has tried previous attempts to woo readers to their digital service—even putting free download codes in print copies. The service usually runs for $9.99 a month or $69 for the year, but at least for one month, you can embrace a summertime comic binge on the cheap. [Marvel via Wired]

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Great. As if my bagged-in-plastic, backer-boarded, nearly mint comics from the 90s weren't worthless enough.....