X-Men Gold's Big Wedding Surprise Is Going to Be Appropriately Messy and Dramatic

Whenever the X-Men get together for a celebration, it’s only a matter of time before things start exploding and emotions begin to run high. Unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what’s about to happen in this week’s X-Men: Gold—and a big Marvel reveal for tomorrow’s issue was just spoiled in The New York Times.

A Quick Guide to the Sinister Six, the Villainous Team-Up Menacing Spider-Man's New Video Game

Last night at the E3 gaming expo, Sony and Insomniac Games gave us another amazing look at the PS4 Spider-Man game dropping this September, introducing us to a few of Peter Parker’s worst enemies... six of them, in fact. In the comics, six is a rather unlucky number for Spidey, because it’s the size of one of his most…