A CNC Mill Backpack Drills Permanent Messages Into Solid Rock 

Everyone wants to live forever. Or at the very least, leave something behind that will last. In some ways, that's the most basic driving force behind graffiti: I was here. Paint washes away, but rock carvings, on the other hand, have a considerably longer half life.
» 12/02/14 10:53am 12/02/14 10:53am

These metal machining super-slow motion videos are so damn satisfying

Someone sent me this link to a YouTube black hole of glorious slow-motion videos and I have spent the last hour going through an endless torrent of metal shaving, drilling, chipbreaking and whatever else these machines are doing. It's so satisfying. » 10/20/14 8:18pm 10/20/14 8:18pm

There Are Vast Reserves of Ancient Freshwater Hidden Below the Ocean

When you're drilling deep under the seabed, the last thing you might expect is freshwater. Yet Danish scientists on a recent expedition in the Baltic Sea suddenly found freshwater gushing up from their drill. In fact, undersea freshwater reserves are hidden all over the world, and some claim this could quench our… » 7/03/14 5:20pm 7/03/14 5:20pm

Mars Rover Curiosity Has Successfully Drilled for the First Ever Sample…

Since Curiousity has landed on Mars, it's been roving around finding all manner of...curiosities. Today, it's pulled off an intergalactic first and drilled 2.5 inches deep into the red planet's bedrock to obtain a sample. No one—no robot, as ever managed to pull that off before. » 2/09/13 6:00pm 2/09/13 6:00pm

Watch This $40 Million Gas Platform Sink to the Bottom of the Sea

Installing an off-shore gas platform can be a tricky proposition. Things can go very wrong. That's exactly what happened with this $40 million Iranian platform was being installed in the Persian Gulf. For as terrifying as the footage is, there were no reported casualties; looks like everyone knew how to swim. Still,… » 2/03/13 3:22pm 2/03/13 3:22pm

The Insanely Deep Layers of Ice Covering Lake Vostok, Visualized

Earlier this month, a team of Russian scientists finally drilled down into Lake Vostok. Everyone was incredibly excited but, how deep can a lake really be, right? Um, it turns out very, very deep, and this visualization lends some perspective. » 2/14/12 2:20pm 2/14/12 2:20pm

The Massive Deep-Water Drill Rig That's Searching for Cuban Black Gold

Despite the Deep Water Horizon fiasco, deep-water drilling remains one of the worlds' primary sources of crude. And among deep drilling rigs, this 56,860 ton Scarabeo 9 is king. » 11/05/11 12:00am 11/05/11 12:00am

How to Turn a Point and Shoot Into a Night Vision Camera

Over at Instructables, there's a sweet little DIY project that can turn any 'ol point and shoot into a night vision camera. The secret is adding more infrared. Which isn't much of a secret, I guess. » 7/07/11 12:40pm 7/07/11 12:40pm

This Fly-By-Wire Seafloor Drill Rig Works 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Traditional deep sea drilling rigs are bulky, expensive and need a relatively stable platform to operate, so they can't work in rough weather. These next-generation drill systems, however, bypass the problem completely by setting up shop on the seafloor. » 6/30/11 11:30am 6/30/11 11:30am

One Perk of Being an Arctic Researcher: Drinking 100,000 Year Old…

The scientists who research our planet's poles have a tough, incredible job. Drilling tens of thousands of feet into the icy surface to retrieve core samples reveals a lot about our planet. It also provides a refreshing, pre-historic drink. » 10/08/10 7:20pm 10/08/10 7:20pm

Chicago Has Drilled 109 Miles of Mammoth Tunnels Underneath Itself

Chicago's mechanized subterranean restructuring project, TARP (Tunnel And Reservoir Plan), has bored out a massive complex of manmade caverns. The goal? To prevent flooding and sewage overflow seeping into Lake Michigan. The effect? As you can see here, truly enormous. [BLDGBLOG] » 9/10/10 8:40pm 9/10/10 8:40pm

Specialized Drill Robot to Unlock the Final Secrets of the Great…

Like a massive stone puzzle, the Great Pyramid has refused to give up all of its secrets. One of the last are two shafts out of the "Queen's Chamber." Purpose? Unknown, even to this day. Robots to the rescue. » 8/08/10 7:00pm 8/08/10 7:00pm

How to Fix the BP-Halliburton Louisiana Oil Disaster—Kind Of

Cleaning up the effect of the disastrous oil eruption in the Gulf Coast—thanks BP-Halliburton!—is a huge job. Here are some of the tech options available when it comes to cleaning up a gigantic mess like this: » 5/05/10 5:20pm 5/05/10 5:20pm

Remainders - Stuff We Didn't Post (and Why)

Insane Graphics Card Packs 2GB Memory and Six (Yes, Six) DisplayPort Ports...Volcano Prevention Efforts May Result in Volcano Eruption...Makeshift Bike Rack Attaches to Street Signs...PC Built Inside a Classy-as-Hell Leather and Wood Chest... » 11/10/09 12:20am 11/10/09 12:20am

Tooth Lasers Could Make Drilling a Thing of the Past

For some people, just the sound of a dental drill is enough to cause panic-but the good news is that this barbaric procedure may be a thing of the past. UK researchers have developed a technology that is based on Raman spectroscopy (a method that is currently used to identify chemicals) to spot tooth decay before it… » 7/21/08 4:00pm 7/21/08 4:00pm

Drilling Through a Laptop Display While It's On

Ever wondered what your laptop display would look like if you drilled straight through it while it was on? No? Us neither. But now you know. It's like watching a car wreck that you can't stop.

Microwave Drilling .. Huh?

Yes, this is the truth. Researchers at Tel Aviv University have found a way to use a technology that I am very fond of to make concrete drilling a bit easier and less messy. Microwaves are used to heat the concrete or other material to well over 2,000 degrees celcius making it quite a bit easier to drill through. This… » 8/17/06 11:10am 8/17/06 11:10am