Here Are Highlights From Our Big Driverless Car Throwdown Party In Austin

You know how I knew the Great Jalopnik Throwdown over driverless cars would be good? Because it started almost immediately with a diatribe from Jason Torchinsky about robotic car enslavement. And Alex Roy talking about how he’ll stash motorcycles all over the city to do “a social good” if banning cars becomes an…

Robotics Researcher Says Autonomous Technology Is 'Absolutely Not Ready' For Widespread Use

Self-driving cars seem to be just about all the auto industry can discuss lately, but at least one robotics expert thinks it’s time to slow that roll a little bit. While a Duke University researcher and is all for autonomous technology, she said it’s far from ready for widespread deployment.

California's Proposed New Rules Could Slam The Brakes On Driverless Cars

If you ask automakers and tech companies why they’re exploring autonomous vehicles, the number one answer is probably “safety.” The theory is it’s safer, in the long run, if you take driving out of human hands. Ironically, safety is the exact reason why the California Department of Motor Vehicles is proposing new…

Google's Self-Driving Car Unit Will Be A Standalone Company In 2016, Could Challenge Uber 

If you thought of Google’s adorable panda-like driverless car as a glorified science experiment until now, get ready to change your mind. According to reports within the company, Google is set to make its driverless car program a standalone “Alphabet” business in 2016—the biggest sign yet that driverless cars are…