Could This Towering 13 Foot Robot Lead To Real Life Gundams?

As Japan rebuilds their giant Gundam statue, Hajime Sakamoto remains unimpressed. He wants to build a working Gundam, and hopes his company's 13 foot humanoid robot— complete with room for a human pilot—is a step in the right direction. » 12/21/11 6:20pm 12/21/11 6:20pm

The Gundam Leica Camera That Doesn't Really Have Anything to Do With…

When I first heard about a new Leica camera being designed by Kunio Okawara-sama, the man responsible for the mechanical design of the insanely popular Gundam anime series, I nearly shit myself in excitement. Then I saw what it looked like. » 9/08/11 6:40pm 9/08/11 6:40pm

Giant Gundam Cut in Half by Earthquake (Updated)

The Tokyo Tower isn't the only structure that took a beating from today's 9.0 quake—this amateur photo shows a Gundam sculpture severed in two by the shaking ground. » 3/11/11 2:23pm 3/11/11 2:23pm

Who Needs Meditation, When They Can Just Watch the Gundam Time Lapse…

This time-lapse video of the 1:1 scale model Gundam in Shizuoka, Japan, is the most visually stunning thing you're bound to see all day. Watch it and go into a trance, only to wake up and book flights to Japan. » 8/04/10 7:00am 8/04/10 7:00am

Second Life-Sized Gundam Statue Begins Erection

Joining Tokyo's life-sized Gundam statue, the second life-sized Gundam has started being built in Shizuoka for its July 24th unveil. It'll hold a massive beam saber, and will mark the 30th anniversary of the Gundam plastic figurines. [JapanToday via Kotaku] » 6/03/10 5:17am 6/03/10 5:17am

Japan Gets A Gundam Phone With Most Awesome Dock Ever

Just in case you weren't aware that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Gundam figurines, Bandai has teamed up with Japanese network Softbank for a limited edition Gunpla phone. » 5/19/10 3:51am 5/19/10 3:51am

Buy A 5-Foot Tall Gundam For $3,400

A lot of you like Gundam, but do you have room in your houses for a 5'-tall Gundam? And enough moolah in your bank account so the $3,400 sting wouldn't be too painful? If so, proceed downstairs... » 5/13/10 7:11am 5/13/10 7:11am

Gundam Cafe Opens In Akihabara

There's no place more fitting for an official Gundam Cafe than in Tokyo's Akihabara district. Sadly Japanese maids don't draw hearts in syrup over your pancakes or put "love spells" on you like at Maid Cafes...but there are Gundam biscuits! » 4/22/10 4:20am 4/22/10 4:20am

Life-Sized Gundam to Wield Giant Lightsaber

When residents of Shizuoka were trying to figure out how to top last summer's Gundam statue, they did the obvious. Look for the new, lightsaber version this summer (OK, technically "beam saber"—but we know the truth). [Kotaku] » 3/22/10 8:17am 3/22/10 8:17am

It's a Gundam Pen

There are two types of people in the world: People that get excited about filling the shit out of their taxes with a Gundam pen, and people who are dead inside. Who are you? [Strapya via Technabob via Dvice] » 11/13/09 10:40pm 11/13/09 10:40pm

Korea's Massive 364-Foot Taekwon V Statue Will Crush Puny Humans

Holy crap! So Japan builds giant Gundam and Testsujin statues (59 and 60-feet, respectively), now Korea is building this freakin' huge Taekwon V (Voltar the Invincible) replica that will be more than twice the height of the Statue of Liberty. » 9/08/09 7:45am 9/08/09 7:45am

And They Lived Happily Ever After... Until the Giant Gundam Smashed Them

OK my dearly beloved, I don't care if you dress up as characters from the anime series to get married under a full-size Gundam in Tokyo. Just don't get married, ok? Unless you get to leave flying the damn thing. » 8/26/09 8:40pm 8/26/09 8:40pm

A 50-Foot Michael Jackson Gundam Almost Destroyed Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the most horrible place on earth, so I'm almost sad it wasn't destroyed by a 50-foot robot Michael Jackson wanted to build in his image that would stomp around the desert. No, I'm not making this up. » 8/20/09 11:30pm 8/20/09 11:30pm

Man Goes Ape Shit After Mom Throws Out Gundam Action Figures

A 29 year old from Kasai City, Japan, who doused himself with kerosene, torched his house—yet escaped without injuries—told police he wanted to kill himself because his mother tossed "his valuable Gundam plastic models." » 8/13/09 1:20am 8/13/09 1:20am

Full-Size Gundam Get Attacked by Laser During Inaugural Ceremony

I am not a full-size Gundam in Tokyo » 7/17/09 7:30pm 7/17/09 7:30pm—although I want to be one when I grow up—but if I were attacked with greeeeeen lasers during my inauguration ceremony, I would get pretty damn pissed off. Then I would destroy everything in sight, and go to have a carrot cake and coffee afterwards. []

The Tokyo Gundam Like You Have Never Seen It Before

Now fully finished, the amazing full-scale Gundam has become an unofficial Tokyo landmark. The robot is so impressive that photographers are populating Flickr with beautiful photos showing every single little detail. » 7/01/09 7:00am 7/01/09 7:00am

Full Size Gundam Video: It Moves! It Moves!

Yes, not only it looks amazing at night but the full size Gundam protecting Tokyo right now actually moves, as this video shows. You can check all its details up close in these videos: » 6/17/09 6:00pm 6/17/09 6:00pm

Activated Full Size Gundam Robot Looks Totally, Absofrikinlutely ZOMG!

Holy frak. If you thought the 59-foot-tall Gundam in Tokyo was impressive when it was finished, you haven't seen it fully armed and operative at night. Beautiful and actually scary. Check the impressive close up: » 6/13/09 3:30pm 6/13/09 3:30pm

Tokyo's Life-Sized Gundam is Just About Finished

We've seen just the legs awkwardly standing there, but now we can witness the full scope of Tokyo's new 59-foot-tall Gundam statue. And it is awesome. » 6/09/09 6:00pm 6/09/09 6:00pm