Lego Must Make These 80s TV Show Cars ASAP

I'm eagerly awaiting for Lego to release the official Back to the Future sets—note to Billund: you should make the RC model too—but I want more. I want all my childhood remade using Danish bricks (never mind that most of my childhood was actually made of Lego bricks). I really want all the sets above to be official:… »6/04/13 3:09pm6/04/13 3:09pm

Dude's KITT-Modded Car Apparently Does 340MPH While Parked

Click to view »9/25/08 8:20pm9/25/08 8:20pmDo you think the original KITT's dashboard was so overloaded with useless indicators and LEDs so dumbstastically stupid that it made The Hoff look like a Physics Nobel Prize winner in leather pants? Then you still haven't seen this. Can anybody please tell us what the hell the number is in the middle of…

Knight Rider iPhone-Inspired Interior Officially Revealed

The new KITT's dashboard has been officially revealed, confirming the previously leaked image (in high resolution after the jump, along with a gratuitous—but necessary—photo of the new car and the Hoff at the Playboy Mansion) and Knight Rider's producer David Bartis' words about the interior design's similarities with… »2/14/08 8:20am2/14/08 8:20am

Knight Rider to Return—Who Can Fill The Hoff's Leather Pants?

Kitt and Michael Knight, the Sonny and Cher of the '80s, are to make a return. NBC is apparently in talks with Doug Liman, director of Mr and Mrs Smith and The Bourne Identity to bring Knight Rider back, but this time with a Transformers-style twist, with evil cars chasing our be-permed hero and his wheels. A two-hour… »9/28/07 10:33am9/28/07 10:33am