Mio's Knight Rider GPS Now Available For Pre-Order

Illustration for article titled Mio's Knight Rider GPS Now Available For Pre-Order

The Knight Rider GPS that everyone was drooling over a few months ago is now available for pre-order on the Radio Shack website in the US and Sears in Canada for $270 and $290 respectively. The device is set to ship on September 24th. [Radio Shack and Sears Thanks Will!]



Wow. No Text to Speech. That's a bummer.

Good thing my name is Michael so setup is a breeze there.

I wonder how hackable it is?

My Mio C230 is an AWESOME PMP after applying an unlocking package that's out there for it.

They've made changes with the newer models so I don't read as much about them being opened up.

Either way this looks neat for the fans.

At least you can turn much of the frippery off for the non-fans you're traveling with if they aren't entranced by it.