This Brainwave Scarf Uses Your Thoughts To Keep You Warm

When it's freezing outside people often suggest imagining yourself sitting on a warm sunny beach somewhere in the Bahamas so you don't feel so cold. Its effectiveness is questionable, but now there's a genuine way to use your thoughts to keep warm: custom scarves knitted with a pattern of the wearer's unique… » 6/07/13 12:23pm 6/07/13 12:23pm

Knitted Cord Powers Up Your Soft Bondage Fantasies

Benny says that real geek BDSM lovers use real plastic power cables to do their » 8/13/08 12:20pm 8/13/08 12:20pm thing. It may be my inner feminine side, but I prefer a gentler touch, so I would go with this 6-foot-long, 3/8-inch-wide knitted power cord, made of a very soft cotton and acrylic blend. KnitKnit shop says it works great as a decorative…

Knitted Gas Mask Helps Cyclists Avoid Cotton-Wool Smog

For those who are about to knit, we salute you—especially if you make woolly hat 'n' gas mask combos for your friends to wear on their bike ride to work. Not sure whether it would work in the event of a mustard gas attack, but it works for me. File this alongside the R2-D2 beanie and Darth Vader bonnet and see the… » 2/22/08 9:00am 2/22/08 9:00am