Mother Makes Knitted Version of Her Son For Cuddling, Still Can't Understand Why Real One Won't

It’s a good day to be frustrated with something ridiculous your parents did, because Marieke Voorsluijs will help put it in perspective. Frustrated with her teenage son’s reluctance to cuddle, she created a knitted doppleganger of him that makes whatever stupid thing your parents did seem not so terrible.


Marieke, who appears to be affiliated with an Amsterdam knitting shop called Club Geluk that is almost certainly benefitting from all the publicity around this knitted nightmare, recreated every last feature of her wayward child with yarn. His hat, his headphones, his rebelliously-branded sweater, his dead eyes, his swollen lips, and even his iPod were all painstakingly recreated through the art of knitting.

None of us here at Gizmodo claim to be trained psychologists, but we think we might have a theory as to why Marieke’s son is so reluctant to hang and cuddle with his mom. And it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s now 2016, and he’s still forced to listen to his music via an iPod.

Punk might not be dead, as her knitted son’s sweater proclaims, but her real son’s reputation almost certainly is.


[Bored Panda via Taxi]


Images: Bored Panda

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