Airbnb already provides reimbursement for property damage, now they've added liability insurance that will protect both hosts and their landlords should anyone get injured during a stay. The coverage is automatic and goes into effect in January; U.S. only for now. [Airbnb] » 11/20/14 4:27pm 11/20/14 4:27pm

The Bizarre and Controversial World of Late-Night Lawyer Ads

When it's three o'clock in the morning and everything is going wrong in your life, there's a certain kind of ad you might see on basic cable. Lawyers–usually guys–promise to battle the heartless, tight-wad insurance companies on your behalf. There's disaster footage and stiff readings off of cue cards. The ads look… » 4/02/14 3:00pm 4/02/14 3:00pm

Apple Has Been Denied a Permanent Sales Ban on the Samsung Phones and…

Though Apple won a fresh billion dollars in the US patent infringement case that saw Samsung basically lose everything, Apple won't be able to kill Samsung products dead. Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge that presided over Apple v. Samsung, has denied Apple a permanent injunction against Samsung. Samsung can still… » 12/17/12 11:12pm 12/17/12 11:12pm

This Is the Crap Tablet Apple Thinks Samsung Should Make

This image shows Apple lawyers' wet dream for a Samsung tablet. It demonstrates one thing: the Apple lawyers who described it are imbeciles and/or clueless mischievous snakes. Just as much as Samsung's product designers are unimaginative shameless cloning bastards. » 12/09/11 12:55pm 12/09/11 12:55pm

Samsung Can't Sell the Galaxy Tab in Australia Because of Apple

Apple has won an agreement that prohibits Samsung from selling the Galaxy Tab in Australia. Samsung has stopped advertising the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and won't sell the device in Australia...for now at least. » 8/01/11 10:47am 8/01/11 10:47am

Move Over Watson, Here Come the Computer Lawyers

Woe be to the humble lawyer and overworked paralegal. Like master chess players and Jeopardy contestants before them, they too are now in the crosshairs of a superior artificial intelligence. » 3/06/11 12:00pm 3/06/11 12:00pm

Facebook Destroys Marriages

Him: "Are you unhappy?" Her: "No, of course not. Why do you ask?" Him: "Well, the few rare times we make love you cry out his name, not mine." Her: "Whose name?" Him: "Facebook." » 1/23/11 12:00pm 1/23/11 12:00pm

LucasFilm Retracts Cease and Desist Against Lightsaber-Like Lasers For…

A while back, LucasFilm sent a Cease and Desist letter to the makers of the crazy-powerful Spyder III Arctic laser because they felt that it resembled lightsabers too much. They have retracted that letter in an amusing way. » 8/04/10 7:02pm 8/04/10 7:02pm

Lucasfilm Thinks the Spyder III Arctic Laser Is a Little Too Much Like…

We now know that the crazy-powerful Spyder III Arctic laser actually emits a visible, fearsome blue beam, just like a real lightsaber. George Lucas' lawyers saw this thing and fired off a cease and desist faster than Han shot Greedo. » 6/30/10 10:00pm 6/30/10 10:00pm

BarMax iPhone App Might Actually Be a Bargain at $1000

Remember the $1000 "I Am Rich" iPhone application? Well, here is another $1000 app that actually does something. If you are an aspiring lawyer, it might actually be a bargain. » 1/18/10 2:05pm 1/18/10 2:05pm

Running Out of Options, Psystar Challenges OS X Copyrights

In the latest bizarre turn in a protracted, anything-goes legal battle, Psystar is basically claiming that Apple doesn't own the copyright for OS X. Sound unlikely? It probably is. » 12/23/08 7:30am 12/23/08 7:30am

Employees Not Getting Paid for Boot-Up Times, Sue Their Employers

For office drones at big companies such as AT&T, United Health Group and Cigna, booting up their computers at the start of the day and waiting for them to shut down takes some decent time. Like 20 minutes at the start and end of the day. And they sure don't like the fact that their weasely employers have decided to… » 11/19/08 5:20pm 11/19/08 5:20pm

Apple Gets its Knickers in a Twist over the iGasm

Click to viewYou may or may not have heard of the iGasm, a variation on the theme of iPod-compatible vibrator, this time made by Ann Summers, purveyors of sauce and smut to saucy, smutty people in the UK. » 5/24/07 8:34am 5/24/07 8:34am

Motorola Strongarming Domain From Owner

The issue of domain name ownership is a tricky one, especially when it comes to corporations and their desire to "retcon" themselves through lawyers the domains they failed to register when they released a product. Apple is a company that often does this. Now, Motorola's jumping on board. » 12/07/06 11:40am 12/07/06 11:40am

Thermal Greasy: Apple Sics Lawyers on Something Awful

After a Something Awful denizen took apart his MacBook Pro and discovered that Apple had slathered on far too much thermal grease, he found that using a more modest amount dropped his MacBook Pro's temperatures by several degrees. Now the forum has recieved a threatening letter from Apple's legal staff, requesting a… » 5/03/06 4:37pm 5/03/06 4:37pm