Illustration for article titled LucasFilm Retracts Cease and Desist Against Lightsaber-Like Lasers For Obvious Reasons

A while back, LucasFilm sent a Cease and Desist letter to the makers of the crazy-powerful Spyder III Arctic laser because they felt that it resembled lightsabers too much. They have retracted that letter in an amusing way.


Basically LucasFilm's lawyers sent another letter explaining that they'll retract the Cease and Desist as long as the laser products are clearly labeled with a disclaimer that there is no association between Pro Arctic and LucasFilm. The part that makes me chuckle is that this decision was apparently made because "the media and public has come to realize that Lucasfilm would never endorse or license a highly dangerous product such as your Arctic Pro Laser." [HotHardware via SlashGear]

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