A Beginner's Guide To Doing Drugs In The Outdoors

Going outdoors is an intense reminder that we're part of something larger. In moderation, drugs can enhance that connection, help you enjoy the sights and sounds and feelings even more, and help you push reset on all the craziness involved in modern life. Want to try them sometime? Here's how to get started. » 2/18/15 5:05pm 2/18/15 5:05pm

The Bricks That Built This Tower Were Grown From Fungus

It looks like an illustration from a Dr. Seuss book, but the circular tower made of leftover cornhusks and fungus strings in the courtyard of the Museum of Modern Art's P.S.1 building in Queens is as practical as it is whimsical. » 6/30/14 6:20pm 6/30/14 6:20pm

I totally feel like I'm on drugs when I look at these awesome GIFs

Instead of popping pills or eating shrooms, just look at these wonderful GIFs made by Micaël Reynaud. He's a maestro when it comes to using camera tricks to create dizzying effects and a genius at taking the typical GIF to the next level with slit-scanning, timelapse and perfect masking to stitch together digital… » 6/19/14 10:07pm 6/19/14 10:07pm

Mushrooms Can Mine the Gold From Your Old Cellphones

Crack open your dumb old phone, and you'll find lots of circuits and no lack of precious metals. "In 100,000 cell phones, it's estimated that there is 2.4 kilograms of gold, more than 900 kilograms of copper, 25 kilograms of silver, and more," according to Motherboard. Could a safer and and cheaper method of… » 4/14/14 7:00pm 4/14/14 7:00pm

Eat Mushrooms That Grow Off the Top of This Living Lampshade

The most I can harvest from my lampshades is a thick layer of dust, so I am simultaneously impressed and completely grossed out by these MYX fixtures made from mycelium. They're grown into form, and edible mushrooms can actually be reaped from the top before they're hung in place. » 2/26/14 8:30am 2/26/14 8:30am

Using ​a 3D Scanner To Explore The Labyrinths of Soil Beneath Our Feet

Researchers at Scotland's Abertay University are getting a brand new look at the seemingly nondescript world hidden in plain sight—the soil beneath our feet. » 2/04/14 2:40pm 2/04/14 2:40pm

How Mushrooms Will Solve the Worlds' Biggest Problems

Mushrooms may be most famous for their pizza prowess and psychedelic strains, but Paul Stamets, renowned mycologist and mushroom enthusiast, has much loftier visions for everyone's favorite fungi. He believes that the solution to some of the world's biggest problems lies in mushroom farming. » 1/23/13 9:49am 1/23/13 9:49am

Amazonian Mushroom Eats Indestructible Plastics

We use polyurethane to make just about everything—garden hoses, furniture, the entirety of my local 99-cent store. It's easy to produce, durable, and dirt cheap. What it isn't is recyclable—there isn't a single natural process that breaks it down. That is until a newly-discovered Amazonian fungus takes a bite. » 1/31/12 1:00am 1/31/12 1:00am

There Is an Actual Spongebob Squarepants. And It's a Fungus

Discovered in the rainforests of Borneo, this fungus happens to be unique in that it behaves much like a sponge. So unique, in fact, that the researchers who found thought, "Let's name this little guy after a cartoon! For science!" » 6/18/11 8:00pm 6/18/11 8:00pm

From Mushrooms to Mansions: Organic Building Materials

Philip Ross works with a mushroom farm called Far West Fungi. And on it they're growing your future house. Or at least the nontoxic, fireproof, mold- and water-resistant building blocks for it. » 2/05/10 11:00pm 2/05/10 11:00pm

Mushroom Lamps, LED Fungus

For those who just can't get enough of scrounging through the forest to collect fungus in its various mushroom incarnations, now you can get the same FUNGtional experience in your home. Designer Simon Duff's mushroom floor lamp is an LED light that sits on the floor. While we like the idea of spreading little lamps… » 11/09/07 10:03am 11/09/07 10:03am

Japan: WTF, yo?

I remember sitting through the TV miniseries Shogun a long time ago, something like 10 hours about an English guy that made it to Japan in the 1500s and made his way through feudal society to become Shogun, or something (I pretty much went back to my Dukes of Hazzard playset after the first 10 minutes). In any case,… » 8/03/05 2:10pm 8/03/05 2:10pm