Reviews of an Etsy Seller Who Poses Dead Mice As Pop Culture Icons

Beneath Etsy’s glitter-soaked, hand-stitched paisley exterior lies some of the weirdest, darkest wares the internet can offer. And in one of thee seedy offshoots, you will find some of the world’s biggest pop culture icons in the form of amateur, taxidermied mice. And people fucking love ‘em.
» 4/01/15 11:50am Today 11:50am

What's the Weirdest Thing You've Ordered From the Internet? 

You can buy almost anything online. There are lots of normal options, like shoes or groceries. But you can also order a ton of whacky shit, like a life-size statue of obese Arnold Schwarzenegger or a TaskRabbit to come stand motionless and unblinking in your kitchen while you dance around them to the music of… » 1/31/15 5:00pm 1/31/15 5:00pm

The Best Worst Product Reviews on Amazon

Last week, we asked you to hunt down some of the most absurd, least helpful, and (consequently) absolutely wonderful product reviews that Amazon has to offer. And we are proud to say that you, dear readers, delivered in droves. » 10/23/14 1:02pm 10/23/14 1:02pm

Looks like Twitter's plan for an in-tweet "Buy" button is moving forward: Re/code says mobile payment company Stripe is signing up businesses interested in Twitter sales. [Re/code] » 8/23/14 12:16pm 8/23/14 12:16pm

Best Buy Will Deliver a Dryer for Free But the Power Cord Has a $70 Fee

What with Amazon and Google Shopping Express winning the world's laziest misanthropes' affections, other companies are left doing everything they can to stay in the fight. In Best Buy's case, that means offering free shipping on major appliances—and (apparently) praying that folks don't realize the $30 required cord… » 6/11/14 3:10pm 6/11/14 3:10pm

Now Neiman Marcus Customers' Credit Cards Have Been Hacked

Target's not alone in its credit card hacking woes: this week, high-end retailer Neiman Marcus acknowledged that credit and debit cards used in its brick-and-mortar stores have been compromised. Shopping sure seems dangerous lately. » 1/11/14 10:00am 1/11/14 10:00am

How to Order Fresh Food Online

Services like Seamless, Grub Hub, and Eat 24 are lifesavers when you're hungry and don't feel like cooking, but they only serve prepared fare. So what do you do when you want to make your own meal but can't bother going to the supermarket yourself? Place your order with one of these helpful online grocers and get your… » 12/31/13 6:30pm 12/31/13 6:30pm

How Much of Your Shopping Is Done on Amazon?

If you live in a big city without a car, it's probably easier to just do all your shopping on Amazon. If you drive everywhere and have a Costco membership, it might make sense to do all your shopping there. If you drive sometimes but like getting packages, maybe you combine the best of both worlds? Whatever it is you… » 10/24/13 11:39pm 10/24/13 11:39pm

Do You Ever Order Stuff on the Internet and Forget?

This colorful tiny shirt that will impress a lot of cool tenth graders came for me in the mail today, and I had totally forgotten about it until now. Surprise! Am I alone here, or does anyone else order random things online and erase them from your memory until they arrive? » 9/16/13 5:40pm 9/16/13 5:40pm

Order Everything from the Internet and Never Leave Your House Again

Go outside? Are you kidding me? Have you seen what goes on out there? You're way better off staying in the safety and comfort of your own home. And thanks to the power of the Internet, you too can enjoy the best of what the outside world has offer without having to wade through all of its undesirable byproducts. » 9/07/13 11:00am 9/07/13 11:00am

Grand St.: Your One Stop Shop For Weird and Awesome Gadgets

There have been countless invite-only sites for booze, fashion and other esoteric desirables for a long time. Before today Grand St. was an invite-only destination for heavily curated but quirkier gadgets, and starting today the site is open to everyone. » 7/17/13 1:02pm 7/17/13 1:02pm

The US Senate Just Passed That Internet Sales Tax Bill

That massive online sales tax hike that senators were pushing through? Yeah, it's looking more and more likely. The US senate just held a final vote on the Internet Sales tax issue and it passed 69-27, getting support from both Democrats and Republicans. » 5/06/13 8:40pm 5/06/13 8:40pm

How Much of Your Holiday Shopping Did You Do Online?

We live in a cyberland future where malls exist inside your computer and the presents you buy are magically delivered to you by, well, delivery men. With each Christmas that passes, online shopping becomes more and more the norm until eventually brick and mortar stores will be nothing but vacant museums of an age… » 12/22/12 4:00pm 12/22/12 4:00pm

Ex-Microsoft Employees Create Algorithm for the Perfect-Fitting Bra

Aarthi Ramamurthy and Michelle Lam, two former Microsoft staffers from San Francisco, are the brains behind the newly launched online lingerie-retailer True & Co. » 5/31/12 2:00am 5/31/12 2:00am

Amazon Is the New SkyMall

Passengers on Delta flights with Wi-Fi will now get free access to Amazon. Say goodbye to that kitschy catalog, say hello to the better future of airborne shopping. » 3/05/12 11:10am 3/05/12 11:10am

All Electronics Bought From Will be Shipped For Free From…

From today until December 20th (make sure to get that Christmas shopping done in time!), shoppers at can pick up any electronics and receive free shipping within the US. There's no minimum spend, and it even covers video games too. [Walmart] » 11/11/10 11:03am 11/11/10 11:03am

Feds Pushing for Stronger Privacy While You Shop Online

Congress is getting behind a policy "rethink" regarding online privacy, including the implementation of an FTC-enforced "Do Not Track" list. Such a list would allow shoppers to opt-out of advertising and behavioral tracking that follows customers from item to item. » 7/30/10 1:28pm 7/30/10 1:28pm

Intel's Cash Register Concept of the Future

If Intel has its way, boring cash registers will be replaced with these machines of the future. They're more than just sexy glass, metal and touchscreen too—they're an Intel-powered experience that recognizes you and the way you shop. » 7/24/10 11:30am 7/24/10 11:30am

With Two Words, The Internet Changed Our Shopping Habits

Aside from where we're shopping, the Internet hasn't changed too much about our lives. After all, we're still taking commands from a glowing box—excuse me, there appears to be a sale on Amazon. [Techno Tuesday via Daily What] » 5/03/10 11:00pm 5/03/10 11:00pm