In 1966, the Angels Landed in Anaheim's Futuristic Baseball Stadium

How could the Angels call any place but Los Angeles their home? After all, the club's name directly referred to the city, and there had been a team named the Los Angeles Angels since the first decade of the 20th Century, when the minor-league Los Angeles Looloos wisely opted for a more dignified nickname. So it's… »9/05/14 4:24pm9/05/14 4:24pm

Photos: When Southern California's Freeways Were New (and Empty)

The Southland's freeways hardly inspire optimism anymore. Glance at the shoulder of a slow-moving freeway and among the weeds you'll see shards of plastic and twisted metal—the accumulated detritus of a dozen high-speed crashes. They may (occasionally) be convenient, but whether it's their shabby appearance, the way… »4/28/14 12:02pm4/28/14 12:02pm

Ferris Bueller Wannabe Faces 38 Years in Prison After Changing Grades

The Orange County District Attorney has charged 18-year-old student Omar Khan with 69 felony counts—including identity theft, computer fraud, falsifying a public record, second degree burglary and watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off and War Games 5,405 times—after allegedly getting into Tesoro High School's computers to… »6/20/08 7:35am6/20/08 7:35am