These Massive Hangars in Orange County Once Housed WWII Airships

Rising conspicuously above the red-tile roofs and big-box stores of suburban Tustin, California, these two massive hangars stand as monuments to a lost age of aviation, built when lighter-than-air dirigibles held promise as the future of air travel—and air warfare. » 7/17/14 4:43pm 7/17/14 4:43pm

Photos: When Southern California's Freeways Were New (and Empty)

The Southland's freeways hardly inspire optimism anymore. Glance at the shoulder of a slow-moving freeway and among the weeds you'll see shards of plastic and twisted metal—the accumulated detritus of a dozen high-speed crashes. They may (occasionally) be convenient, but whether it's their shabby appearance, the way… » 4/28/14 12:02pm 4/28/14 12:02pm

Ferris Bueller Wannabe Faces 38 Years in Prison After Changing Grades

The Orange County District Attorney has charged 18-year-old student Omar Khan with 69 felony counts—including identity theft, computer fraud, falsifying a public record, second degree burglary and watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off and War Games 5,405 times—after allegedly getting into Tesoro High School's computers to… » 6/20/08 7:35am 6/20/08 7:35am