Microsoft's Sway: A Digital Assistant That Designs Presentations For You

At some point in your life, you've used PowerPoint. Whether for a class project or a meeting of some sort, you've click and dragged text boxes, dropped in photos, and awkwardly presented a slideshow. Now imagine doing that on a phone or tablet. Nightmare! Microsoft thinks its new app, Sway, can help make it less so. »10/01/14 9:00am10/01/14 9:00am

The Best and Worst Redesigns of PRISM's Atrocious PowerPoint

There are plenty of reasons to be discomforted by the recent NSA PRISM scandal, chief among them the total obliteration of any remaining notion of privacy we might have had. But there's another (less pressing, yes, but still confidence-shattering) concern that has echoed around our internet's hallowed halls this past… »6/11/13 3:53pm6/11/13 3:53pm

Victorinox Presentation Master Multitool: Because Even James Bond Uses PowerPoint Sometimes

They're called "trade secrets" for a reason. And if the competition gets their hands on your company's IP because you drunkenly left it in a bar, you'll need stringent security to keep them from peeping—like the Victorinox Presentation Master's 256-bit AES encryption. It's a Swiss Army Knife on loan from MI6. »11/15/11 9:00pm11/15/11 9:00pm