These Beautiful Artistic Photos of Space Suit Tests Were a Total Accident

Space suits are unquestionably cool. But testing them seems like it would be dreary, dreary work. Unless your test—presumably the effects of G-forces and, by the looks of it, doing the robot—turns into an avant garde photo shoot capturing the nightmarish essence of the space suit according to Lovecraft, like happened… »5/29/12 3:40pm5/29/12 3:40pm

New Space Suits Deal Cancelled: Astronaut's Wardrobes Bare

Back in June we brought you the news that NASA's astronauts would be wearing brand new-designed space suits »8/18/08 5:25am8/18/08 5:25am when they walk on the Moon next. But now it looks like the firm Oceaneering, who had been awarded the contract, have had the deal pulled by the government after protests about the procurement from a rival suit…