United Can't Even Be Bothered To Pay Money For Finding Security Bugs

Bug bounty programs are pretty common among tech firms: the likes of Facebook and Google (although notably not Apple) will offer you hundreds of thousands of dollars in order for exposing security flaws in their products. It’s a good system, and one United Airlines wants to use: just without offering cold, hard cash. » 5/15/15 2:00am 5/15/15 2:00am

A Gadget That Stops Seats From Reclining Caused a Plane-Diverting Fight

Planes are giving us less and less leg room so it's no surprise that quarrels break out between passengers over space. Yesterday, one such altercation got so heated that a plane was diverted to Chicago. And at the heart of the conflict? A nifty little device called the Knee Defender, which prevents seats from… » 8/25/14 7:15pm 8/25/14 7:15pm

All Hell Breaks Loose After Slap Fight on a United Flight

It all started when a passenger on a Ghana-bound United flight out of D.C.'s Dulles Airport decided to recline his seat. That pissed off the passenger behind him, leading to an exchange of heated words between the men, and the recliner being "smacked in the head." That's right: the very act you've fantasized about… » 6/01/11 8:20am 6/01/11 8:20am

The Berzerker Black Hawk Helicopter That Helped Kill Osama bin Laden

Everyone wants to know exactly how the take-out-bin-Laden-operation went down. Part of what we know for sure is that badass Navy SEALs did the shooting, and were carried to the site by another elite team—the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, or SOAR (aka the "Night Stalkers"). The bird of choice appears to… » 5/02/11 5:00pm 5/02/11 5:00pm

Penguin United's Quad Charge Station Takes Four Wiimotes Simultaneously

Nyko's Wiimote charge station has been on the market for a while now, dutifully rejuvenating two Wiimotes at a time so you don't have to. How could you improve on that concept? By introducing a charge station that charges FOUR Wiimotes simultaneously. Penguin United's solution does just that, plus comes with fancy… » 7/30/08 6:45pm 7/30/08 6:45pm

United Airlines Offering iPod/iPhone Connectivity on International Flights

United Airlines may be screwing passengers with hefty ticket prices and bag fees, but if you are an iPod/iPhone user, the friendly skies just got a little friendlier. A new deal makes United the first U.S. carrier to offer iPod and iPhone connectivity to its in-flight entertainment system. » 6/16/08 3:50pm 6/16/08 3:50pm

United Pampers Geeks with iPod Connector and XM Radio

I admit, I don't like flying, but book me on United's new "First Suite" service and I'll literally be on cloud 9. In addition to your own 15.4-inch LCD, the service has seats that come with their own iPod connector so geeks like me can keep their player juiced on those long inter-continental flights. Once you get… » 12/18/06 7:35pm 12/18/06 7:35pm