'Just Kill Me': Horrifying New Video Shows United Passenger Drooling Blood

Image: Twitter

A disturbing new video has emerged showing the bloody outcome after a United passenger was savagely dragged off his overbooked flight after refusing to give up his seat to a United employee on stand-by.


The video shows the man gripping the curtain at the back of the plane, repeating “I have to go home,” and “just kill me.”

Passenger Audra Bridges, who uploaded an earlier video of the incident to Facebook, told The Courier-Journal that United initially offered customers $400 and a hotel room if they offered to take a flight the next day at 3pm. Nobody chose to give up the seat that they paid for, so United upped the ante to $800 after passengers boarded, announcing that the flight would not leave until four stand-by United employees had seats. After there were still no takers, a manager allegedly told passengers that a computer would select four passengers to be kicked off the flight.


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