1,250 LEDs Shimmer On the Surface of This Abandoned Oil Tank

The shift in season reminded me of this cool old project in cold Helsinki, where a team of designers turned an abandoned oil tank into a lovely, year-round public art project.

The silo is located outside of Helsinki in Kruunuvuorenranta, a residential area across the water from the city. The neighborhood's old harbor and terminal were largely abandoned, but a commission from the World Design Capital program brought new life to at least one derelict structure: A 9,100-square-foot oil storage tank on the edge of the ocean.


Along the tank's steel shell, a group of designers from the Lighting Design Collective punched a pixelated framework of tiny holes—each replaced with an LED. Each of these 1,250 diodes is controlled by a central computer, programmed to react as the weather outside changes. The steel shell twinkles and shimmers in warm reds and cool blues until 2AM (when the last ferry back to Helsinki leaves).

The project opened permanently last year, so check it out if you're nearby. And even if you're not—these are great pics for an autumn weekend. [LDC; Designboom]


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