We live in a special place and time that our children will mock, when beards are in, farms are cool, pickles are cooler, and farmers markets are the coolest.

Winner: Period Piece


This is actually the surplus inventory table at a Northern Ontario farmer's market - B&W for period tone.

Nikon d810,ISO 200, f7.1, Shutter Speed 1/250, Post in Silver FX Pro 2



Peppercorn...get it? This was just a quick walk by snap at a NYC farmers market.

Cam - Canon 7D. Lens - Tamron 17-50

-Trevor Bowman



Shot during the Dane County Farmer's market in Madison WI. Used a light meter on my phone to get the exposure right, and adjusted the curves in photoshop. Everything else was all manual straight from the Camera. Shot on a Nikkormat FTN using Fujicolor 200 film.

-Noel Puthenveetil



The image was captured with an iPhone 5S. Global adjustments were made in Snapseed to color, contrast, etc. The image was then resized in Paint.net 4.03.

I took several pictures at my local Farmer's Market. I settled on this one, and liked the way the cucumbers had an interesting texture, and the way they were positioned to make them a little more unique.


-Jonas Demuro

Hawaiian Punch


I took this today at the farmer's market in Hilo, Hawaii. I used a Pentax K50 with the 52mm kit lens and a lens hood. This is just one of the many pineapple/banana/unknown tropical fruit stands I see every market day.

It's a rough life, but someone has to do it.

-Josh McBride



It's peach season! This was taken at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, I shot it with a Canon 6D and a 50mm f1.2L @f1.6 1/1600 ISO100. The lush peaches and figs caught my eye, the man selling them was really nice and had loads of samples :)

-Gavin Garrison



-Mary Cees

Junk Market


I've tried to get a good photo of our downtown Minneapolis farmers' market a few times now, but it's really hard with all the boxes and crates and people and trucks and busses on the Nicollet Mall side and all the people and boxes and junk on the walking side. So I decided to capture the market the way I see it, which is a bunch of boxes and crates and people and trucks...

The Minneapolis farmers' market has a lot of produce that was obviously not produced locally, like bananas and pineapples and avocados because it was originally set up to provide fresh produce to the food desert that was central Minneapolis. There's another, more picturesque and slightly more local market just outside of downtown on weekends and, while I won't submit any pictures from it, you may have inspired me to head over there on Saturday.


Shot on a Canon 5D MkII at ISO200 with Lensbaby Composer Pro and Edge 80 optic at f/4 and 1/320 sec in a mixture of cloud, shade, and direct sun.

-Ben Zvan

Anderson Produce


-Andrew Donnan

Scones In My Bones


For this challenge, I've been to two markets over the weekend and being from Ireland, you'd imagine there would be more but in fact they are quite sparse. It was hard to narrow down the single shot to use, since I had so many options. Produce is a big thing in Ireland with a lot to offer that's home grown. Our farmers markets tend to sell specifically organic food or they are set up on smaller farms where it's option they have to make money since larger farms tend to provide to the supermarkets. A lot of the markets offer a range of other products as a speciality or to draw in other customers, like cheeses and fresh baked goods. Breads and cakes, etc. And that's what I chose for this shot, a hefty helping of giant raspberry and yoghurt (left) and Blueberry (right) scones. Both are made from practically the same ingredients, with the addition of the specific fruit but both contrast one another when arranged together. The blueberries look like they were glazed with butter on the top also.

I took this photo on my iPhone and edited on Fotor windows app, I cropped it to make it better shot and scale, taking out some of the background. I also added a filter called 'cloudy' just to darken it slightly.


-Patrick Clifford

Hmong Farmer


There are many Hmong farmers in Wisconsin; they are an integral part of our farming community. I loved the early morning light on Va Vang and her stand at Saturday's Dane County Farmers' Market in Madison, WI, and the way she is looking at her produce with pride.

I shot this picture using a SONY RX-10, F3, 1/60 second, auto ISO, and had zoomed in on her a bit (100 mm).


-Otehlia Cassidy

When will farming and farmers be something that culture takes for granted again? Will processed food make a big comeback, as modernist cuisine hits supermarket shelves with a new vigor? Or will looming global food shortages make us appreciate small batch, artisan produce even more? No idea. But find the full images on flickr.