10 Greatest Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Music Videos

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The apocalypse is hot right now. MC Frontalot just released his electronic uprising "Zero Day", Britney Spears has her sweaty end-of-the-world dance party, even The Game is going post-apocalyptic. But what about the musicians who went there first?


Here are the 10 greatest apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic music videos of all time! These are the videos that'll be playing on the screens in Bartertown.

Tom Petty - You Got Lucky
The first single of the massively successful Heartbreakers album went totally nuts in its music video, much to the delight of everyone everywhere. We did not expect to see Tom Petty in the gang in this desert future riding around in Logan's Run vehicle in steampunk goggles. But we think we're all better for it.

2Pac Featuring Dr. Dre - California Love
Set in the year of 2095 any film that has George Clinton and Chris Tucker in their band of post apocalyptic rough riders is a-OK in our book. California has never looked so Mad Max.

Don Henley - All She Wants to Do Is Dance
All she wants to do is dance on the world's last light up disco floor in the desert. We still don't fully understand Henly's music video, and it's been years!

Linkin Park - The Catalyst
Linkin Park has a lot of end-of-the-world music videos, but we always related to "The Catalyst" because it was an inventive use of fog in a post apocalypse music video world that can't seem to get out of the desert, and it slightly reminded us of the Joker's attempt to gas Gotham in Tim Burton's Batman. So win-win.

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Coworkers
From the minds that compose the Adult Swim bumper tracks comes this very scary robot uprising. It's terrifying how they all seem to be smiling while they rip into the human population.

My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na
The first half of a music video two-parter featuring the band as some sort of scrappy heroes called the Fabulous Killjoys. Set in the year of 2019 the company Better Living has taken over the world, and these colorfully dressed bandits are taking it back, with laser guns. More importantly, this film stars Grant Morrison (wearing a fluffy shirt) as the evil head of Better Living Industries.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Director Spike Jonze puts a darker turn on this Arcade Fire music video simply by keeping it realistic. Jonze turns the suburban landscape into a war zone as kids ride bikes by military blockades and masked forces. It's a stirring piece of work that flips the scales on America, forcing us to think about what it would be like if people were dying on our doorsteps (even though it doesn't show any death).

Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation
You could argue that Jackson's music video opus has nothing to so with the end of the world, but we would disagree. She built an entire new nation, founded on Rhythm and shoulder pads. Plus, look at the surroundings of her city, and abandoned factory. Surely the Rhythm Nation was built out of the ashes of some sort of terrible destruction.

Scandal - The Warrior The end of the world will go out with a flash of leotards and dancing mutant people. Are these mutants? Are they aliens? We're not sure, but their makeup is fabulous.

Rick Springfield - Bop Til You Drop This film appears to be set on another planet, so it might not be eligible for this list. That being said, if the alien camp is actually on Earth and Rick Springfield is our future liberator, I didn't want to exclude it.


Honorable Mention:

Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
Channeling Blade Runner as hard as he can, Billy Idol doesn't want to dance with the piles of pasty street urchins trying to get on top of his futuristic skyscraper.

Duran Duran - The Wild Boys
Directed by Highlander director Russell Mulcahy, this video and song are based on William S. Burroughs' famous novel, but they also take place in a weird shattered industrial setting, possibly after a robot uprising.

Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution
Watch the world begin and end in one supremely messed up animation. (I'm mad at myself for forgetting this earlier but now it's on the list).




i vote Do the Evolution from pearl jam, its somewhat relevant (at least towards the end) and i remember how awesome the video was when it premiered