10 Reasons Your Eyeballs Need a Pair of GUNNARS

You spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Like right now. And when you aren't in front of your computer, you're most likely glued to your phone, tablet, or your TV—or all at the same time.

All that screen time can take a toll on your vision. Luckily for your eyes, there is a company called GUNNAR Optiks that makes computer eyewear. Consider it an upgrade for your eyeballs. We decided to make the definitive list of 10 reasons why you should probably already own a pair of GUNNARS (including a discount code for 20% off). Enjoy!


1. Because ERROR 37 in Diablo 3 Got Fixed

Face it, playing Diablo 3 just might cause your eyes to fall out. So if you are going to travel to the deepest parts of hell, you might as well bring some protection. Check out GUNNAR's gaming eyewear collection and stop frying your eyes!

2. Because You Love Your Video Games

Blink much? Do your eyes ever feel like they are going to fall out after a long gaming session? Well those long hours burning the midnight oil will seem like a vacation with GUNNARS on. Don't believe us? Check them out at Best Buy Nationwide carrying three awesome gaming styles: RPG Gunmetal, Vayper Onyx, or MLG Phantom Onyx.


3. Because Your Eye Doctor Said So

Research shows that vision discomfort (or Computer Vision Syndrome in doctor-speak) is a problem for 50-90% of computer users. Symptoms are varied, but the most common complaints include eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, and neck or shoulder pain. Might not kill you, but it can be incredibly uncomfortable-that's why so many doctors recommend GUNNAR eyewear to their screen-happy patients.


4. Because a Certain Former Gizmodo Editor Is a Fan

Jason Chen has reviewed GUNNARS twice, and both times his response has been glowing. Jason spends more time in front of the screen in a week than most mortal people do in a year, so you should probably take his endorsement pretty seriously.


5. Because You Should Stop Taking It In the Eyes

Bottom line, you should never take it in the eyes. Some people say that it's just not natural, but, hey, you're all adults, and can do what you'd like with your consenting computer. However, one thing is true: whatever you get up to, practice safe sight.


6. Because Pro Gamers Swear by Them

There are a ton of pro gamers playing their game of choice for 12-15 hours per day. Many swear by the fact that GUNNARS have cut out eye fatigue, stress, and discomfort, helping them focus easier and play longer. See what they have to say.


7. Because You Can Try Them for Free with GUNNAR's 30 Day Guarantee

GUNNAR guarantees the quality and performance of their eyewear, so try them for 30 days risk free. According to GUNNAR, you can try them for 30 days and if you don't notice a reduction in eye strain, dry eyes and/or headaches and an improvement in contrast, comfort, and focus send them back for a full refund of the purchase price. Easy.


8. Because Graphic Designers Get Eyestrain Too

If you can't see the screen, it's going to be tough on your budding design career. GUNNAR makes a special computer lens tint called Crystalline for anyone who needs to see in true color. Perfect for photographers, video editors, and graphic artists, it still does great things for your eyes, but doesn't have the contrast enhancing tint that GUNNAR's standard Amber lens does. Head here to find the style for you.


9. Because They Can Come in Your Prescription

Yes, even you (the near-sighted geek with astigmatism) can benefit from a pair of GUNNARS. GUNNAR's Rx prescription lens program is a run through Carl Zeiss Vision. Zeiss has been the best in the business for 160 years. Old German Company + Optics = Amazing Optics. Also, in many cases, your insurance or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) will foot the bill.


10. Because Gizmodo Readers Get a 20% Discount.

Ready for your pair of GUNNARS? Head to their site between now and June 8, choose between their gaming or computer eyewear (including crystalline lenses for graphic designers), and enter GUNNARGizmo in the promo code box at checkout. You'll save 20%!


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