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1080p Mobile Screen Slaps Retina Display in the Mouth

Illustration for article titled 1080p Mobile Screen Slaps Retina Display in the Mouth

The iPhone 4's screen looks delicious—pixels, away with ye! But Ortus Technology's got an even dreamier looking display, packing a 1920x1080 resolution into a scant 4.8 inches. That's 458 pixels per inch, as opposed to the iPhone's 326.


Now roughly five inch display—though the world's smallest 1080p—is in awkward place. It's way too big for a phone, and way too small for a tablet. But that density is buttery rich, and we want it. Tech like this needs to be scaled in either direction (or both, please) for it to be useful. But either way, the days of pixelation on the screens we pack with us are numbered. Goo-oood riddance. [Ortus via DVICE]

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Davi Viana

You do know that the human eye only goes to 300ppi, don't you?