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Everyone knows that 1080p is the holy grail of high-def, but is it worth shelling out those extra bucks for a 1080p set when you can save some cash by buying an HDTV with a lower resolution? The folks at CNET did us the fine favor of locking themselves up with a bunch of HDTVs, Samsung's Blu-ray player, and Mr. Katie Holmes himself (i.e. Mission Impossible III) to find out. Click through to see what they discovered.


The good news is that amongst the 1080p sets they used (the 47-inch Westinghouse and the 50-inch Pioneer) the level of detail was "virtually identical." However, when they compared the image to sets with lower resolutions, they noticed it was harder to pick up on the differences in detail. Overall, they concluded it would be "practically impossible" to tell the difference between the image on a 1080p vs a 1080i or 720p.

Personally, I'm on a mission to find a solid 1080p set for my living room (I've been eyeing this Westinghouse and a 1080p Samsung DLP), but what do you think folks? Is it worth it to go 1080p or is there no difference at all?


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