11 Photos In Old School 3D

You kids and your Avatars. Back in my day, we say 3D in two colors and we liked it. Here are the results for this week's Shooting Challenge: Anaglyphs.


WINNER: High Speed Train

Of course I forgot to place the order for the 3D glasses on time, so I (probably) purchased the most expensive pair ever (a children's 3D lego star wars book for $13.99). My original idea was to use outdoor shots for this challenge, but for some reason all of the photos I took without a tripod did NOT work for this (i.e., the 3D effect didn't pan out). So, in a last minute *desperate* attempt, I worked with the tripod and came up with this shot. Despite its simplicity, I am in awe at the effect! Canon T2i, 22mm, 1/25, f 4.5.
- Diego Jimenez


Since Italy is my home country and I currently live in Belgium I went back to visit my family. I wanted to discover some more about Italy so I went on a roadtrip and then I found this litte chapel on the way and I had to take a picture of it because you can't find any of these sorts of chapels in Belgium. I used a Canon Eos 500D and a Tamron 18-200mm with shutterspeed 1/125, F13 and ISO 200
-Alana Clemens


Chiseled Bike

This seemed like a good excuse to go for a ride this afternoon and try out a new technique. After several locations, I settled on this one with the best mix of depth and interest. I used a 50mm f/1.4 on a Canon 5D MkII and hand held it. I took several photos from side to side in case standard eye width didn't look right to me. Combined in Photoshop following some tutorial online that used layers and screen mode to get the red/cyan colors.
- Ben Zvan


My Room

Mesmerized by a crystal sphere sitting in my desktop and its reflections, I made it the subject for this challenge, and while the perspective gets a little weird because of the distortion, I liked how it looks. Gonna keep trying and make it better :). Canon T2i, ISO 100. f/11, Shutter Speed 10s
- Diego Ramirez



This is a picture I took with my 3d image rig. I have two SD 950IS cameras attached to a flash bar with about 3 inches of space between the lenses. The image was taken at the Albuquerque Bio Park.
- Alan Osterholtz


Bronze Rider

I took this shot, and many other 3D images, while on vacation with my folks during September 2012 during our Northwest-Midwest tour. We visited Buffalo, Wyoming for this bronze statue (and it's brother one off to the left of frame of a horse rider pulling out his rifle on this homesteader) and the famous Occidental Hotel. Until I get the excellent "Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D" digital camera to use, I make all of my 3D imagery via the classic cha-cha (side-by-side) method using my Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera. I normally take around four sets of left-right views and converted them to anaglyph with Stereo Photo Maker after I've done a bit of image enhancement on the shots (if needed). The sculpture was created by Michael Thomas back in July 1994 and it depicts a homesteader branding a "maverick" calf during the Johnson County Cattle War. Yes, the horse butt was definitely an odd choice of design by the creator. Kinda looks like the animal is about to let it go on the rancher. LOL.


As for anaglyphic 3D, I have always loved the format and have a large collection of books, magazines, comics, photos, etc. in that dimensional form. I also enjoy making and sharing photos in 3D, either from shots I've done myself or from other sources like movies, games and modeling scenes.

- Elak Swindell



This 2" Buddha figurine was given to me by a former graphic design professor as good luck present for graduation. It was the first thing I reached for on my desk to try the 3D effect on. I found the shallow depth of field really amplifies the effect. Canon 60D, Canon 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro lens, ISO 100, 1/6, f/2.5
- Esmer Olvera



As quick a 3d photo as possible... Inspiring contest, challenge how to get anaglyph quick and easy. Shocked to realized I could just shoot through the 3d glasses we had sitting around. My son Ben set up his animals. I tapped and held to get lock the settings on Apple Bear. Then shot left and right through the paper glasses. Opened the images in Photoshop, selected Files>Scripts>Load Files into Stack... Cropped and resized to your specifications. iPhone 5, ISO 160, 4.1 mm, f/2/4, Shutter speed:1/20.
- Mark Erickson


The Fridge

I was thinking for this contest we needed an image with a lot of clutter as that gives you a lot of things to look at in 3D which is pretty satisfying. We had just gone food shopping and I had finished putting away all the food when it hit me. Quick grab the camera before my kids ruined my perfectly arranged and stocked fridge. So if this shot does not satisfy your hunger for 3D, I do not know what will. This was shot with a Fuji W3 3D camera with a tripod on auto settings with Flash.
- Neil Nathanson


Accidental Crafts

Minerals have very special shapes, and you can only realize this when you can see them in 3d, like the tens of cubes on the little pyrite, the intricate shapes of the desert rose, the hexagonal quartz crystal, the light refraction of the selenite and the sparkly texture of the fuxite, a nature's whim, slowly created in millions of years, buried in secret for billions of years, then stolen from the ground, these accidental crafts remind us we don't own the soil, we belong to it. Canon 20d, 2 left and 2 right eye shots with different light sources, Aperture value mode @22, Shutter: 0.3 - 1 sec
- Pancho Mejia


Oh, Hello

Here is my anaglyph 3d image for your shooting challenge. This was taken with a pair of Canon S95 cameras mounted on a "Z" bar. The images were adjusted and combined using (free) StereoPhotoMaker software.
- Robert Anderson


For those of us with 3D glasses, these were a lot of fun. For those of us without, well, nobody's perfect. And for those of us brave enough to wield an anaglyph 3-D wallpaper (better men and women than me)? The big files on on flickr.

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