12 Minutes Of Ronald D. Moore's Reality-TV Space Quest

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The first official footage has finally arrived from Ronald D. Moore's TV movie Virtuality, showing the crew of the Phaeton as they struggle to do their jobs while starring in a reality-TV show. Their only escape? A flawed virtual reality.

It turns out the stakes for the Phaeton's mission are even higher than we realized, since the Earth will be uninhabitable within a century — or will it? Is that just a trick? Either way, the pressure is making our heroes crack, and having to deal with it live and on hidden camera all the time isn't helping. Too bad their main safety valve, the VR modules, is being overrun with nightmares.


So what do you think? Were the VR worlds what you wanted? What about the suits? I kind of like the fake advertising, though it's been done before. I guess we'll have to wait for the air date for the final verdict. Virtuality will air June 26th on Fox.

[via Cinemablend]