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Okay, it's not a car. But it's still a Ferrari, right? So you could tell everyone you own a Ferrari. What you really own is the limited edition Acer-branded Ferrari LCD monitors: the F-19 and F-20. A 19-inch and 20-inch monitor, respectively, the F-19 weighs in at 7.1kg, has a 500:1 contrast ratio and includes 2-Watt stereo speakers while the F-20 weighs 6.9kg, has a contrast ratio of 800:1, and 5-Watt speakers. These monitors obviously mimic the Ferrari design, showing a good amount of clever ergonomics and elegance. And they are made to match those Ferrari-branded Acer laptops and the PDA too. But you better act fast if you're interested because only 1,000 of these red hot babies will be available. Looks like it sells for around $800.

Acer Ferrari-Branded LCD Monitors [Biosmagazine]

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