14-year-old Breaks 80 Plastic Guitars To Set Guitar Hero Record

This amazing story of a 14-year-old kid setting the 973,954 point record in Guitar Hero would be an example of man triumphing over technology—if only that technology could actually keep up.

Turns out that Danny Johnson's record 973k score could actually have been higher if the blue button on his guitar hadn't broken when he was 3,558 notes into the 3,722 note song. Not only that, the Dan-ninator says he's wrecked 80 Guitar Hero guitars in his quest to be number one in the world.


What can we conclude from this? One, Danny's parents spent his college tuition on replacement guitars (sorry kid). Two, Activision's Guitar Hero guitars aren't designed for their hardest song, which is pretty BS, but only for those people who can actually play that song. And third, Danny's not getting laid until he's thirty, maybe working at that same Best Buy he set the record in (sorry again kid). [NY Times]

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