149 Inches of Goodness makes Mitsubishi Size Queen of OLED

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It may be lagging three inches behind Panasonic's big telleh, but Mitsubishi's whopping great screen is OLED. Or should that be ZOLED? It was unveiled at ISE 2010, with Number 6 and Boomer dressy-likeys lending a hand.

The screen is actually made up of ten-centimeter-square panels, with a resolution of 1088 x 640p. Light output is 1500cd/m2 - that's loads brighter than your common-or-garden LCD display, meaning that it will work in brightly-lit areas indoors - CES 2011, I guess that means you. Time someone updated Chandler: "She was cute enough to make a gadget hack kick a hole in an OLED display screen." [Oled-Display.net]