150,000,000 Fake Vintage Photos Are Now on Instagram

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Sunsets, fireworks, ironic picnics, girlfriends, uncles asking "Why are you pointing your phone at me?," sleeping dogs, lakes, and fire hydrants—filtered, distorted, sepia-toned, faded, and retro-ed. There are now 150,000,000 pieces of false nostalgia on Instagram.


No surprise! The app's a ton of fun to use, and very simple. Things that possess both qualities tend to do well. But this is very, very well—all those snaps have been uploaded in under a year, by more than 7 million users.

So then when do unaltered photos go back into fashion? Or are we just going to pile on more and more filtering until our personal photos resemble Rothko paintings? [Instagram via Gruber]



I recently was checking out a popular photographer's website, whom a friend sad had a wonderful portfolio. 95% of that portfolio were dSLR shots run through these types of filters to make them look vintage and artsy, but the photos underneath these filters were just standard if not boring. I'm sure this works for a lot of people... Filtering (and that includes desaturating to make B/W) does a great job of masking problem with a photo (like color, exposure and focus). It's overused and tiresome.

I call these types of photographers "One-filter-wonders." The fad will end soon, I hope.

Instagram on the iphone is annoying.. I hope the fad ends soon.