Illustration for article titled 180-Inch 3D LED Wall is First Step to Scaring Time Travelers From 1985

Imagine one-upping Adam Frucci by posing with a 180-inch screen... that displays 3D! NewSight could give you a chance with their new gargantuan 3D video wall. Sadly, it uses LEDs for pixels, making the resolution all Monet-like.


Unlike Panasonic's behemoth, Newsight's 3D Wall most likely will never make it into a trajillionaire's AV room. However, you will probably see it in Times Square one day, especially given its ability to combine with three other displays to make a 360-inch monster.

And then all you have to do is come out with some 3D shark movie with scary ass advertisements and it'll be like Back to the Future II is finally coming true. [Tech On]

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