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1960s Hover Scooter: When Real Men Strode Atop Deadly Spinning Fan Blades

Even though it combined all the benefits of riding a scooter with the ability to easily transition between land and water, for some reason the Hover Scooter never went mainstream. Maybe it had something to do with that giant unprotected ducted fan up front?


In addition to gently carrying you across mostly flat surfaces, the Hover Scooter also looks like a portable meat grinder large enough to suck in a pedestrian who didn't notice you coming up behind them. But that scenario is completely implausible since the scooter is loud enough to wake the dead from over two miles away. Also, you wouldn't catch any of us riding this thing with a tie hanging from our necks. [YouTube]

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Aside from being dangerous and loud (though with a couple safety features I doubt it would be more dangerous than a car), how about it failed because it goes slower than George Costanza in a scooter chair?