1989's Back Again, In A 3D Super Bowl Halftime Show That Blew Bob Costas's Mind

Popdust has unearthed video of the 1989 Super Bowl halftime show, which was, in Bob Costas's words, "the first ever network broadcast in 3D." It was also a total shtick-show featuring "Elvis Presto," dancing ladies, and "the world's largest card trick."

Popdust also tracked down the show engineer, Dan Witkowski, for an interview. Witkowski assures that the production "was all meant to be very tongue-in-cheek. It's all very much a lampoon. I think it all started when we hit on the name Elvis Presto. The rest kind of evolved from there." The show generated about "60 million dollars in worldwide publicity" for its sponsor, Coca-Cola. Unfortunately, no dimension will save this year's halftime show.

The True Story Of The Weirdest Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever [Popdust]

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I think I remember that day...

Love the early-gen CGI they used for the background graphics. Was this around the same time as the "Money for Nothing" music video by Dire Straights? Probably not, but it reminded me of it.