$199 Not the Magic Blu-ray Price After All

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The general consensus, among experts, analysts and other blowhards has long been that when Blu-ray players legitimately hit $199, the format would finally go mainstream. Well, $200 Blu-ray players are all over the place for Christmas, even Sony's BDP-S350, with its unshakeable $299 MSRP. But according to ABI Research, only 8 percent of holiday buyers were even considering upgrading to Blu-ray even though about half of American homes have gone HD and it's totally uncontested by HD DVD this year. What about you guys? [PC World]



I'm A Different Bird

1: Economy sucks. People aren't interested in buying a $200 player and replacing their entire collection right now, and if you aren't going to replace your collection, why bother with a blu-ray player? $200 for a cheap Blu player vs. $50 for a cheap upscaling DVD player... I'll go with the latter.

2: Blu-ray offers few advantages against plain old DVD. Sure, better picture... and? DVD was a revolution against VHS; not only was there improved picture quality, but also improved durability, random access, no need to rewind... the list goes on and on.

3: Zero portability. We live in a gadget world; people have computers, iPods, etc. and want to watch their movies on all of them. You buy a DVD, you can rip it to anything. You buy a Blu-Ray, you are only watching it on your Blu-Ray player and/or Blu-Ray-equipped PC. People are starting to understand why being tied down is a bad thing, and Blu-Ray ties you down.

4: Everywhere sells DVDs. For a Blu-Ray, I have to go to Best Buy, Circuit City, or Suncoast, or else possibly get a handful at Wal-Mart or Target. I can buy a DVD at the grocery store, FFS. Much more convenient.