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1mm Thick Flexible Plasma Display Debuts at CEATEC

Illustration for article titled 1mm Thick Flexible Plasma Display Debuts at CEATEC

Recently at CEATEC in Japan Shinoda Plasma Corp unveiled a plasma screen that tops out an an extraordinary 1mm in thickness. Plasma tubes aligned between film-form electrodes not only make the screen thin enough to be bent (as the image above demonstrates), they also make it extremely light. In fact, the 43-inch screen prototype weighed in at only 800g. This could set the stage for truly gigantic displays—79 x 118-inches or more created by seamlessly combining screens during the manufacturing process. Naturally, I would love to hook an Xbox up to something like this right now, but chances are it will take the better part of a decade before we can get our hands on it. [TechOn via Technabob]


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