20 people were injured at what was supposed to be a delightful if dopey promotional event for the new LG G2 in Korea. The plan had LG release balloons filled with 100 vouchers for free phones. Apparently no one thought it out any further than that.

When LG released the balloons into the sky, what was it expecting people to do? Watch them drift away? Obviously, people brought implements to prevent the free money from floating away into the ether. Everything went to hell as people tried to shoot the balloons down with BB guns. At least they weren't real bullets. Look at the furor with which people descend on the balloons in the video above! These people want their new phones.


Yeah we get it, "G in the cloud" is a clever name for a promotion. Get it? The cloud! Like the clouds above our heads! And the cloud like the cloud on the interwebs! And the cloud where the free money would have gone if people hadn't brought BB guns to shoot down the balloons.

Let's maybe think it through better next time? Mercifully, LG cancelled subsequent events in the series following the clusterfrack. [Korea Times via Android Beat via Engadget]