200 Megapixel Hasselblad Camera Costs $45,000

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Hasselblad one-upped itself again with the H4D-200MS camera, a 200 megapixel monster that hit the market with a whopping $45,000 price tag.


This claim of 200MP is impressive, but slightly misleading. The H4D-200MS actually ships with a 50 megapixel sensor and uses multi-shot technology to produce a 200MP image. A piezoelectric motor slightly moves the sensor while the camera takes six images of a scene. It takes about 30 seconds to capture and stitch the six pictures into a 600MB, 200MP image. The result is this stunning example of a watch captured by Jonathan Beer.

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Other goodies on the camera include support for an external hard drive and an ISO range of 50 to 800. Though it's pricey, the H4D-200MS is a must have for the professional who takes stunning photos of stationary objects. [CNET]



I thought i would jump in here and say a few things in defense of the H4D. 1. this is a medium format sensor, to understand what that means click here. [upload.wikimedia.org] Thats 36,7 x 49mm. Thats twice as large as the best DLSR that canon or nikon makes. Its also about 5 times larger than cameras like the T2i and 7D. Bigger sensors mean more light gathering ability which means more accurate images with less digital noise. 2. it also means that the glass used has to be very VERY low dispersion and high accuracy. Meaning low distortion, high detail level and very good depth of field control. 3. megapixels are meaningless for the most part, you remember those fancy spy satellites that could read your license plate from space? 1 megapixel. This is 200 megapixels so that the software can use redundant information to create a more accurate image without introducing noise into the image. Medium format has many other advantages over smaller sensors that i am not going into here, only to say that $45 grand for a camera like this is cheap as chips. anyone like Ansel Adams? Medium formate photographer. Costco DSLR's are great for memories of your cat or kid, medium format cameras are for capturing images that last. I wouldn't buy one cause i dont need it, but to all the people who doubt whether its worth the price...it is.