2006 Jaguar XJ: Just Like An Old Airliner

Our twin brother separated at birth and raised by a pack of ravenous gearheads, Jalopnik, posted a review of the 2006 Jaguar XJ Super V8. MSRP $91,330

What they liked: The engine puts out 400hp, which is a lot considering the car is completely aluminum and quite light for a large sedan at 4,001 pounds. Overall, the car performs well and rides comfortably - like a first class airliner.


What they didn't like: The car lacks simple luxuries like bi-xenon headlamps (we don't mind because those things freakin' blind us). And the entire design feels a dated, complete with a nav system from 1999.

Gizmodo thoughts: Bluetooth phone support is a step in the right direction and the front seats have screens in the back of their headrests. But to change a DVD, the player is in the trunk. In a boat like a Jag engineers can't fit a player in the rear console? None of this tech is that expensive anymore - so in a $90,000 car the layout should be perfect.

Favorite excerpt: "One reviewer's sister enjoyed the back seat so much she called it the best car ever. Her brother doesn't quite agree." Anyone else read strange, incestuous innuendo here?

Jalopnik Review 1
Jalopnik Review 2


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