Our lives are chronicled from space these days. These satellite images from Digital Globe, operator of the world's most powerful commercial imaging satellites, tell the story of some of the year's most indelible moments—from the protests in Ukraine to wildfires in San Diego.

Earlier this year, Digital Globe launched their Worldview-3 satellite, their most powerful imaging satellite yet. The resolution of its images are, in fact, too high to be made publicly available under federal regulations. The images here are drawn from Worldview-3 as well as its predecessors, and they are presented in low enough resolution so that no one's getting into trouble.


Digital Globe has put 25 of its top satellite images of the year on its Facebook page, where you can vote for the best. Here are eight of our favorites from the collection.

Wildfires in San Diego County

Eruption of Mount Sinabung in Indonesia

Refugees at the Syrian Border Town of Kobane

Protests in Kiev, Ukraine

Flooding in Gunja, Croatia

Melting Ice in the Nordenskjold Basin, Antarctica

Refugees Fleeing from ISIS in Sinjar, Iraq

The World's Largest Tire Graveyard in Sulaibiya, Kuwait