Illustration for article titled 22-Year-Old Set To Sail The Mississippi On a Boat Made From Juice Cartons

A 22-year-old British adventurer by the name of Rhys Jones may have made a name for himself as the youngest person to climb the world's seven highest summits, but he may end up being known as the youngest lunatic to ever drown in a juice-carton boat on the Mississippi if his plans for this weekend don't pan out. Actually, the idea was conceived by his father after he received a book about origami. Naturally, his first thought was to build a 12-foot raft with a wooden cabin and a paper hull lined with juice cartons and sail 3,700 miles down one of the most treacherous rivers in the world.


As mentioned, the father and son team plan to set sail this weekend on what will undoubtedly be a 3-4 month trip down the river. In the end, Rhys and his father hope to recycle the boat and raise awareness about conserving the Earth's natural resources. So remember kids, not recycling is bad, but risking your life for no apparent reason is still a-ok. [Metro]

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