24-Hour Dubai Timelapse Is So Beautiful It Seems Unreal

Our friend Gerald Donovan set his camera in front of what the inhabitants of Dubai call "The Center of Now". After watching this video, I completely understand why.


He took 2880 shots over 24 hours, one every 30 seconds, starting at 4am local time of 11/11/11.


It's beautiful. Gerald told me that "the light going down the Burj Khalifa at the start of the video [you can see the light line going down through the whole tower] is a reflection of the full moon setting. Later in the video, you can see the sun reflection doing the same thing as it sets." He also thinks this is the most impressive view of Dubai you can get. I agree with him 100-percent. [08]

To view this video at full size, visit our HD view beta.

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Even more amazing and beautiful, the crazy petrol prices we are paying to the oil overlords, paid for all that.