25 Sizzling Photos Of Summer

It's summer, which means we can all stop complaining how cold it is and start complaining how hot it is. It also means beaches, swimsuits, and s'mores.

Winner: Bird Catcher


My grilfriend and I were strolling down a quiet beach on a perfect sunny day. That's when we saw a bunch of birds on the ground eating bits of food. Immediately, I had the idea of running into them and making them fly while my girlfriend clicked shots on burst mode. I ruined their lunch by making them fly away, which I felt sorry for afterwards. Shot with a Sony NEX C3 (which I bought because of gizmodo's recommendation last year), 55-210 lens @ 117mm, f/5.6, ISO 400, 1/2500. Oh, and by the way, the birds came back to eat their food later on.

- Jerry Jhun

Brooklyn Bowl


Canon 5DMarkIII Driving through Brooklyn for a midsummer show at Brooklyn Bowl, I found myself among all of these men in fur hats on what was indeed, a very hot day. Just a few blocks beyond the Orthodox neighborhood, I found the kids in the photograph enjoying a city summer as only those in this city can – the contrast between the buttoned up, long coat and fur hats to the freedom of letting a fire hydrant loose was very evident, and I felt a great feeling of relief as I left the one area and drove into the other.

- Terrance Solomone

Daytona Beach


Apple iPhone 5 (ios7beta1) f/2.4 1/4184sec ISO-50 I'm on vacation in Daytona Beach, FL - it's hard to avoid summer here. Being on the top floor of my hotel offers a unique vantage point when taking pictures, but the window of my room is really dirty and it's difficult to shoot around all the dirt and grime. It was annoying at first but I ended up using the gunk on the window as a filter and got some really neat shots of the sun that made it look especially angry. The picture I'm submitting has only been cropped, no other adjustments. The scale is evident when you see the people walking on the beach.

- Michael Mannella

Laguna Beach


Shot with a GoPro HD3 Black, set to 30/2 burst mode at 12mp I was out on a very clear day in Laguna Beach, CA. The waves were pretty small, but barreling nicely so I figured I would give an underwater shot a try, and this was the outcome. Warm and clear water, Southern California doesn't get much better than that during the summer.

- Kyle Redington



Taken this week in San Destin, Florida. Caught this sunset on the last night we were there and snapped this quickly as we only had a few minutes before it disappeared. My daughter dashed down the docks dragging me with her to get the shot. She never misses an opportunity to get in front of my camera. Used a Canon 60D with 1.4 50mm lens. 1/50 sec ISO 800 f / 6.3 Minor modifications made in Lightroom 5 to help balance shadows and highlights and a bit of sharpening.

- Garrett Polo

DOMA Moment


This shot was taken with a nikon d7100 35mm 1.8G lens at f1.8 iso100 1/8000. It was pride weekend at Dolores park in the Mission district of SF, the park was packed to the brim with revelers celebrating the repeal of prop.8 and DOMA. I captured this young couple doing what young couples do. A tender moment in a day filled with wildness. Extraordinary people doing ordinary things.

- Tu Tran

From 5 to 400


My Name is Jacob Fricks im 17 years old and have been into photography for a little over 2 years. I've been shooting mainly surf lately Summer is special cause any other time the waves are pumping we are stuck in school memorizing the quadratic formula and how Jonny sarted with 5 watermelons and now he has 400. For me summer starts the first day i get up at 5am to go get the sunrise at my favorite break like this one i took this morning in Maui, Hawaii and hanging out all day at the beach until sunset. Taken with 5D III and 8-15mm Fish Eye in a SPL Waterhousing

- Jacob Fricks

Cocktails It Was


I did a bicycle trip from Zlatograd, Bulgaria to Thasos, Greece After many kilometers on the bike, what you see on the picture was totally worth it! I fell asleep on the beach from the picutre and missed the ferry, but with limited resource in my pocket I had the choice to rent a room or have cocktails on some beach bar and spend the night on the beach, its summer so cocktails it was :) I hope the picture makes people from the north healthy jealous and very enthusiastic to go visit some place nice for the summer and enjoy life. Camera Sony NEX-6 Sony 16mm F/13 1/60 sec. ISO-100

- Mladen Simeonov

Clepsydra Geyser


Camera: Sony a65 ISO: 200, Aperature: F8, Shutter: 1/250 sec. For me, Summer has meant a trip to Yellowstone National Park every year for the last 15 years. I've always wanted to submit some of my photos to this contest but my trips never seemed to line up with the "must be shot since the contest was announced" deadline, so you can imagine how excited I was when this one was announced during my trip. I set out to find a Summer sunset shot and landed on this scene at one of my favorite spots: The Lower Geyser Basin where tourists usually see Clepsydra Geyser (background) erupt constantly but rarely have the patience to wait a few hours for Fountain Geyser (Foreground) to erupt. I had the good fortune to capture both right at sunset.

- Cullen Malone

Queens Carnival


Nikon D300s 18-50mm lens, f/2.8 Shutter 1/25 ISO 800 This was shot as the Astoria Carnival held under the Triborough Bridge in Queens, N.Y. It represents the story of summer for many of us East Coasters so far with hot humid days and a lot of rain. I was going out to set up a time lapse at the carnival when it the sky opened up. Queens folks are a hardy bunch and they kept the rides going during a thunder storm. I set up an interval timer hoping to capture lighting in the background, but I didn't have any luck. Oh well. Hope you enjoy.

- Mike Ratliff

Weirs Beach


I lucked out and happened to get there when the sun was out and the M/V Mt. Washington came in. Canon T3 18mm f/3.5 ISO 100 Taken at the Weirs Beach Boardwalk on Saturday the 29th.

- Jason Dennett

Mermaid Parade


Shot with a Canon T2i Aperture Priority 29mm f/5.0 1/500 Sec ISO 100 This shot was taken at this year's 2013 Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's the largest art parade in the nation and has been going strong for over thirty years. This year wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for some generous Kickstarter donors. Enthusiasts gather to show off nautical themed costumes in the name of artistic self expression and Coney Island tradition. I was along side the barricade shooting like crazy (as most amateur photographers do) when this PYT marched in front of me. "No Sleep til' Brooklyn" by the Beastie Boys came blaring through the speakers as she proceeded to dance in such a seductive manner I had to walk off a "situation".

- Carl Castro

Lake Michigan


Despite the fact that it was only about 72 degrees when this shot was taken, the heat was still on. In most places around the country people would be in hoodies and blankets, but in Chicago, it's summer. Nothing like a good snow cone, some beach volleyball, or a brisk dip in Lake Michigan to feel essence of summertime. In Chicago summer is never take for granted. Canon 5D MarkIII 100mm ISO 400 1/1600 f/8 It's summertime in Chicago!

- Michael Durr



This is my first time submitting to the shooting challenge, and luckily I could easily find a location for the Summer theme. One of my favorite activities to do during the summer is swim - I partake in it almost every day, usually with my sister. Being the ball of energy she is, my sister loves to jump on the diving board and think up new and creative jumps and dives. I managed to snap this photo of her in mid-air as she jumped into the water. Camera: Nikon D3100 ISO: 100 F 5.6 Shutter Speed: 1/400

- Talia Flores

Rooftop Party


After the "spring" we've had on the east coast, this weekend marked the true beginning of summer. nothing says summer in the city like a rooftop party with the sun setting behind us. this was taken with my iPhone 4s.

- Jo Law

Bass Fishing


Sony A65 F/14 50mm 400iso at 1/400 exposure. I got up early for this shot at Table Rock Lake near Branson, MO. I was hunting for a shot of the sun rising over the lake, but was lucky enough to get this shot of a guy catching a bass... I had to crank up the f-stop higher than I normally would to keep the bright sunrise tamped down and still retain it's beautiful color. Colors were slightly pushed in Lightroom 5.

- Marvin Francois

Vacation Homerun


Shooting Summary: Camera - Nikon D4 Lens - Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 Date - June 28, 2013 ISO - 320 Exposure - 1/500 sec @ f/22 Flash - none Location - Oak Island, North Carolina Story: Summer is all about relaxing, spending time together, enjoying the outdoors, living in the moment, enjoying simple pleasures, and making memories together like the one captured here of my almost-5-year-old flying her kite for the first time.... you know you've hit a home-run with a summertime vacation day when it elicits the following statement: "Mommy, I want to move here, because it is soooo much fun."

- Ashley Brody

Petal Stretch


Camera: Nikon D3000 Nikon DX (kit) Lense ISO: 200 F 3.5 Shutter Speed: 1/60 This fall I planted three sunflower seeds in front of the mailbox at my family's new home. Every day as I come and go, I am filled with joy as I note the seeming inches that the flowers have grown during the nine hours of my absence. This week, the first flower stretched its petals. At this time of day the other plants in our yard sigh with exhaustion, shriveling with pleas for respite from the hot Oklahoma summer sun, yet my sunflowers thrive and smile with inanimate happiness. To me, these flowers embody the spirit of summer.

- Hanna Tacha

First Dip


Minnesota Cabin Country: First dip of the summer season. Shot on an iPhone 5 and edited in Lightroom.

- Andrea Zibble



Living in the northwest, I tend to judge the season by the events in the area (since the weather doesn't always co-operate). This weekend was Hoopfest, the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world. The entire downtown area gets blocked off and turned into courts! The first day was cold, rainy and had thunderstorm warnings for most of the day, but these guys are troopers and the show went on. I was not so brave. The next day was a warm, sunny beautiful day and I really enjoyed seeing everyone play! Specs: Nikon D80 Nikkor 35-70mm f/2.8 70mm (cropped sensor) ISO 100 f/8 @ 1/200th

- Loretta Surma



Summer always reminds me of roasting marshmallows sitting outside on a warm summer night. My wife has passed her love of marshmallows on to our sons. During the summer, and the rest of the year, they want to go outside and roast them every night. Taken with a Nikon D5200 with a 35mm lens. F/2.5, 1/5 sec exposure and 3200 ISO.

- Neil Kintsch

From Above


Lake reflections at sunset from above. This was a noisy shot at the end of the day that was framed blind using time lapse mode, but I liked the unusual perspective. The water trampoline in the background of the photo that my wife submitted is the yellow octagon at the bottom of this photo. Shot using a GoPro3 Black Edition in time lapse mode attached to a DJI Phantom. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

- Jesse Zibble

Everyone Else Had The Same Idea


I promised my wife we'd go to the beach on Sunday and it looked like everyone else had the same idea and brought their whole families. It was getting overcast and we were still looking for parking. It wasn't looking good and we were ready to go home. I decided to try a less popular spot, it had a parking lot too. Seven dollars poorer, we rushed towards the sand to try to catch the sun that was peeking through the haze. I got my camera gear ready to capture the moment and I felt all eyes were on me. I imagined angry boyfriends, husbands and parents all ganging up on me for taking photos of their loved ones if even inadvertently. So I did what I could and used my wife as a model but in a way I wouldn't get angry at myself either. I used our beach chair to block out strangers in the background and focused on the knot on the back of her brightly colored bikini to get a tightly cropped photo. I got all the bright colors, a beach chair, a bikini, a hard-earned tan, sand and even a pair of sunglasses without the stress of getting beat up! I was ready for more but it got overcast again so we went home. Summer is such a tease. Settings: Canon 7D, EF 50mm f/1.8 II @ f/11 1/100 iso100

- Robert Garcia

Road Rage Cure


After a slow, congested and boring drive to the beach; it was very nice surprise to find a nice empty bench to sit down and relax (and forget about all that road rage). The empty scene only lasted a few seconds, which made it even more special. This was taken in -picture perfect- Half Moon Bay, CA. Canon T2i, 10mm, f/9.

- Diego Jimenez



Canon 5D Mark II f/4 ISO100 8-15mm fisheye f/4L @15mm Open for Summer How to justify this "spring"-like photo as a summer capture? Well, water lilies flower in full sunlight and close up as soon as the shade hits them. Um... I guess that's it. My dad's koi pond is covered in lily pads, and this flower, in particular, is quite beautiful. I had to get super close with my fisheye... risked falling in to get the perspective. Though, it would've felt nice since it was about 115 degrees in Visalia, CA.

- Daniel Jang

Hot Day, Cool Pool


What can I say, it's hot out and the pool is cold. Asked my friend John to jump backwards into the pool and took a few shots. This one said Summer to me. Nikon D70S, Nikkor 50mm f1.4, @f4, 1/4000, ISO200.

- Brian McCabe

Excellent entries by all. And now I'm jealous that I've barely gotten out this summer. If you are like me, find larger, vicarious shots on flickr.


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