It still might not actually feel like it, but spring is officially here. Don't believe me? Here are 27 pieces of photographic proof.

Winner: Burst


Just a simple flower shooting forth from it's winter nap.

- Marvin Francois

Succulent Spring


I took a trip to the Mendocino coastline over the weekend. I wanted to capture springfrom a different perspective than the usual flowers, and found these beautifully colorful succulents. Taken with an Olympus OM-D and the Panasonic 14mm lens wide open at F2.5.

- Steven Fercho

Some Green


Location: Michigan. Camera: A7R. Lens: Zeiss 55mm FE

- Joshua Young

Cherry Tree


"This photo was captured on a Droid Maxx in macro setting with no additional filters. My front yard cherry tree's first blossom of the season."

- Kristen Erling

Rare Occurrence


While waiting in a park for some friends to meet me to go out this past Saturday, I finally spied a few starts sprouting. Somewhat of a rare occurrence considering the frigid temperatures still being experienced this week in New Jersey. Due to the sun setting I was able to get this picture with a decent amount of an exposed shadow contrasting with the regular sunlight.

I took this shot using my Sony NEX-6 with a 35mm F1.8 Lens attached on March 22, 2014. The photo was manually exposed F4.0, 1/400s with ISO set to 100.

This morning I did some quick basic edits in Aperture and a bit of further color adjustment using Pixelmator so as to get a range starting with cold blue and going up to warmer spring tones.


- Lloyd Johnston



Hey Gizmodo, happy spring! This photo was taken with my Nikon D3200 in my backyard. This flower literally bloomed 2 days ago and the colors it produced are extremely vibrant. I used Manual Focus on my camera set to the Macro mode to capture this up close shot of the flower.

- Vidul Jain

O'Neil Park Butterfly


On Saturday I took a trip to O'Neil Park in Trabuco, CA for some hiking and hopefully something interesting to shoot, while we were walking on the road this butterfly kept flying around in a circle then stopping on the same bush over and over again. After several attempts to get it while it was landed I finally managed to get the shot I wanted by slightly going into a little bit of brush. Shot with my Sony NEX-3N and the standard 16-50mm Lens it comes with at 50mm Zoom in Intelligent Auto Shot Mode.

- Ryan Derbyshire

Flower Tower


Shot using my Fujifilm Finepix S4300, using Auto setting. This overly flowering stalk of a plant was found up on a hill at O'Neil Regional Park in Orange County, CA. Had a bit of a uphill hike on road to find it, but it was a very nice shot, maxing out the zoom my camera has to get this shot, and was not disappointed. No idea what the plant is, but I think it's pretty nonetheless.

- Deborah Pearl

Let Me Out


I was trying to get a photograph that represents spring. In Maryland it is still very cold. I could not find anything very colorful. I found this tiny plant that just started to grow on the ground. I took this photo using my Canon t2i camera with 50 mm prime lens. ISO was at 200 and exposure was 1/100 sec at f 2.8.

- Taufique Hassan

Sunset Spring


Spring in this part of Kentucky usually comes for real in the beginning of March. Unfortunately, this spring has been cold. There are only a few plants coming up. These flowers will be pretty in a month. The sun was starting to set, which added some yellow to the light. Canon T3; 50 mm f/1.8 lens; f/3.5; 1/250 sec; ISO 100; Image edited with digiKam.

- Chris Sears

Atypical Texan


This is my first submission to the photo contest. I took this picture in Texas, where spring is in full bloom. I snapped this beauty peaking out of the grass. The picture was taken with a cannon rebel.

- Brandy Mones

Telephonic Blossoms


I just love the juxtaposition of the crisscross of nature versus the crisscross of the telephone line/light post behind. One blossoms the other stays forever bare.

- Andrew Persons

Ballerina Lilac


This is a photo one of my potted plants shot from my 3rd floor balcony overlooking the city on a cool Atlanta Georgia evening.The plant is a Ballerina Lilac that is now starting to wake up and bloom. Fuji XE-2 with 60mm XF Macro shot at f/2.8, 1/3200 sec.

- Samuel Gold

First Spring


Shooting with a macro lens I used a macro rail and tripod to focus in on the detail using a higher f-stop, low ISO and slow shutter speed. I waited for the sun to peak out behind the clouds to add more warmth to the picture. It had snowed just this morning.

Every year I wait to see these Tiger Lilly buds to show me spring has sprung in cold Northwest Indiana. A particularly brutal winter this year. So this year you could only imagine my delight to see these little guys show themselves. I picked this photo because of the little spider crawling on the middle cluster, another sign that there is life is re-emerging in the Midwest.

- Ryan Farag



Used my Canon Rebel T2i and the kit lens for this shot that I took in Azalea park in Summerville, SC. ISO: 100 Shutter speed:1/80 f-stop:7.1

- Dustin Popa

"Spring" in Central New Hampshire


The only sign of spring (so far) in central New Hampshire is icy sidewalks, bordered by mountains of snow, constraining any half-melted water that simply refreezes by the next morning. This is my first Shooting Challenge submission, shot with a Fujifilm FinePix A700 f/2.8, 1/280, ISO-100. A few adjustments to color, contrast and sharpness done in Google+

- Jason Kaiser



It hasn't felt at all like spring. I went out to take photos of spring for this challenge and couldn't find anything indicating spring. I went to Trader Joe's and bought tulips for my wife. Since I couldn't find any spring outside, I brought some indoors and photographed them. As you can see, even the tulips don't think it is spring yet. I am hoping for real spring soon! Canon 6D, Nifty Fifty with extension tubes, 50 mm, f/4, ISO 1600, 1/50 sec

- Rob Huber



Daffodils are in bloom in Seattle. I captured 4 different daffodils using a Fujifilm X-M1 with the 60mm lens at f/16, 1/100s, and ISOs between 200 and 640. I did some editing in Lightroom (to crop), HDR Efex Pro 2 (to bring out details), then Digital Image Pro 10 (to enhance the glow).

- David Lee

Not Yet


So Friday, I went out for errands with the goal to find something to shoot for this week's Shooting Challenge. This is what the weather thought of that idea. I took it as a sign for what kind of Spring I was in for, so I set up my tripod for an HDR shot to gain more experience shooting and editing that type of photo.

Canon T4i - 50mm - f/2.8 - ISO400 - 5 exposures (0 EV = 1/800 sec)

- Long Hong

Lily Bulbs


This contest was a little early here in NY as with the cold and snowy winter the plants are just starting to grow. The image is a grouping of lilly bulbs, and captured with an iPhone 5S. As the surrounding dirt was distracting from the subject matter, I used to turn it into a duotone.

- Jonas Demuro

Ant Buffet


Spring started a little funny on my front yard. I went outside and I found an orange eaten from the inside out, the orange was on the raspberry plant. The ants were having a very nice breakfast and enjoying themselves.

I thought, "that is what a buffet for ants must look like." Everything else in my front yard looks not good for spring, but the orange.

- Alecio DePaula



My wife and mother-in-law have an annual contest to spot the first Robin of the spring. This guy isn't the first one we saw this year, but he was lucky enough to perch on the closest part of my fence from my back door. I scrambled for my camera and snapped a few shots without checking the settings (I need to get better about that). Canon T3i 1/160s at f/5.6 250mm ISO 3200 - touched up in Lightroom

- David Short



Taken with Canon 5d mk3 & Canon 24-105mm f4L @ ~105mm, f4, 1/500 sec, and ISO 100. Lighting edits were performed using Adobe Lightroom.

Walking around my yard after work i noticed that the dry lavender bush was starting to get some new sprouts, i wanted to get in close to try and focus on the new growth and was aiming for a nice balance between the bright green and the dry branches. I steadied myself by kneeling down low and zooming in as far as i could to enhance the perspective.

- Peter Subaiya

Always Sunny


It is always sunny in Northern California and it always seems unfair that others have to live through harsh winters. It feels like spring here all the time. NY transplant here and I have felt the pain. I like to walk around the neighborhood by the my office at lunch time. This is the lawn of one of the houses. Great flowers. Nikon D5100, 55 -100mm lens. Settings ISO 100, f/5.6, 122 mm. Light touchups in Lightroom 4.

- Misael Amador

Frigid Bath


I shot this just after sunrise near a man-made pond outside my office. Since I had so much fun shooting for last week's challenge, and no specific technique was required for this week's, I decided to use HDR again. Sony RX10, three bracketed photos (-2, 0, 2) combined together in Photomatix and touched up slightly in Lightroom 5.

- Greg Johnson



Just got back from a walk with my fiancé down to Navy Pier in Chicago - On the way back I noticed the snow melting & covering the sidewalks which made for some cool reflections of the city. You can see a sliver of the still solidly frozen Lake Michigan between the reflection and the city.

Shot was taken with my new Fuji X-T1 & Fuji 24mm f2.8 wide angle lens this afternoon.

- Branson Pierce

See? There is a little bit of spring out there, if you're willing to look closely enough. For those who'd like to savor the sensation, the full-sized shots areon flickr.