Beer glorious beer! It's Oktoberfest time. And to celebrate, Gizmodo photographers took one for the team, cracked a few beers, and got to work. Here are the results of this week's beer Shooting Challenge.

WINNER: Griffins


Shot in my local Pub, Griffins of Kinsale, South Pasadena.. a chilled Guinness on a hot day, shot with a Leica M8, Voigtlander Nokton Classic 40mm at F1.4, 1/30 second. The Pub is new, but the bar is old, transported from back east to merry old California. I wanted as much bokeh, to pop the guinness away from the background, but still look lively. By the way.. the ale was good to the last drop.

- William MacCollum

Hero Shot

I shot this picture at the end of a long day of work today at our restaurant in Brooklyn. There is something about an ice-cold beer in a frosted mug at the end of a long day that is so heavenly, and I really like this shot because it looks as if light is emanating from the beer itself, which is often how I see it. I took the shot on a Nikon D3000 with a standard kit lens with an ISO of 200.

- Eli Cohn-Wein



Oktoberfest at the Beach Well, the last day of summer was Saturday September 21st so I headed to the beach. I figured I'd take some beer to photograph for the contest. When I check the fridge, lo & behold, an Oktoberfest beer. It was meant to be. So there wasn't much Oktoberfesting at Hollywood Beach, FL where the picture was taken, just the beer, sand, sun & surf. Canon T1i Canon 50mm f/1.4 Lens f/4 1/3200 ISO-100 50mm

- Javier Valencia

Saison du Fermier


One of my best friends has a 100% barrel-aged brewery and he brews this Saison du Fermier. It is a rustic saison that is fermented in chardonnay barrels. We figured he needed a beautiful photo to accompany this delicious farmhouse ale. Shooting Summary: Canon 7D, 50mm f/1.4, f/5.6 - 1/250 - ISO 160

- Tim Bottchen

Don't Forget the Mustard


When I think Fall beers I always call to mind a good German Brat. Sony A65 85mm prime @f/22 1/15 second.

- Marvin Francois

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet


Caught this at a "Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet" set this week - like the way the beer is backlit/the waitress seems to be sympathizing with the patrons. Bit of a "happy accident" in that I was "testing" stage exposure settings when the silhouette opportunity walked into the frame. Dropped the aperture quickly and snagged my favourite shot of the night... Used a Canon 5D Mark III EF 70-200 II @ ISO 800, 1/80 Shutter speed and a f2.8 aperture Post in Lightroom 5 (touch of saturation) and vignette applied in Alien Skin Exposure 5

- Daniel Jones

Glamor Shot


I wanted to do a glamor/product shot of the beer. I had a vision in my head of illuminated circles. I thought about cutting holes in poster board or foam board, but then I remembered our goofy ikea chair that has a back full of circular holes. I setup foam board on the seat, shot a flash through a diffuser in the back, and had a second speedlite camera right with an umbrella for a kick. Shot came out very glam... and tasty! Canon 5D Mk III 50mm 1.8 2 speedlites Belhaven Scottish Ale

- Andy Schneider

Not a Fan


So for the last year or so we've been lighting and taking photos for, so I figured I'd throw this amazing beer on the setup. Through the multitude of cocktails we've shot I've discovered one thing. I'm not a fan of beer. Yes, yes I know. Shame. Wine and cocktails - yes, beer not so much. So I was super surprised when my beer connoisseur of a housemate brought this home and hated it enough to give it to me before he threw it away. Well, oddly enough I loved this Petrus Aged Red. It has a wonderful aftertaste of black cherries, and the flavor gets even more prominent as the beer warms up. Odd, but delicious! So about the picture? We've got off camera flashes bounced to the right and the left of the beer (you can see this in the glass) and one under the glass to light up the beer. Yes, it is that red. Beautiful! Thanks for the contest! Peace & Happy drinking, -Whil PS yes, you can't see the whole label, but I liked the light from the beer on the label... perhaps I should not have drank this before my editing! Featherweights...

- Whil Piavis

Straight From the Tank


I am fortunate enough to have a friend who is a brewer for a very popular local Austin brewery. I met up with him at the brewery to catch up, drink a few pints, and take some photos. He asked if we wanted to try their latest creation to be released for their upcoming anniversary and we happily obliged. With just a little more aging to do, he poured straight from the tank and while I waited for my glass to be filled I snapped a few more photos; this is one of them. I hope you enjoy it *almost* as much as you enjoy your beer. Cheers!

- Matthew Caballero



With a bunch of friends, we were climbing Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany, I also wanted to visit the Octoberfest but didn't manage to make free time for it, so I thought we could make our own beer fest on the way to the top and my friends did not have anything against either. On the picture is the second 1 litter 'Weizenbier' I've got so I thought it is time to make the shot because if latter, it might come up too blur. Somehow the shots didn't come too good(actually they were very bad) until I used the natural lighting. camera: Sony NEX-6, Standard lens 16mm, ISO 100, f/13.

- Mladen Simeonov



After learning the challenge was to photograph beers, I bravely spent my whole weekend adventuring into several bars and breweries, taking pictures of beers and drinking quite a few of them. Close to the end of my sacrifice, my friend told me he was brewing his own beer at home. I asked to take some pictures of it. At first, he wasn't so keen because apparently the beer needs another week to be ready, and thus, is still cloudy and caramel colored. Personally, I think it is perfect (both in look and taste). Camera Canon EOS 60D Exposure 0.017 sec (1/60) Aperture f/5.6 Focal Length 50 mm ISO Speed 320

- Juan Parada



Nikon D600 Lens 24-85mm shot at: 42mm F/ 3.3 ISO 400 When I saw this photo competition I had a couple ideas come to mind immediately. Though I didn't get the exact shot I was after, I definitely did learn a couple things about shooting beer. For example, cold beer is easier to keep foamy, but warm beer is easier to shoot when doing so outside because obviously it doesn't fog up the glass and make the shot look out of focus. I also learned that my boyfriend greatly enjoyed this photo competition and having an excuse to drink a couple beers, you can't just waste it after all! I chose to use Red Stripe beer because I thought - what better way to represent Jamaica where this shot was taken??

- Maegan Harless

There's no crueler fate than going through a few dozen photos of beer when you're stuck at work. Luckily, I work from home, suckers! Thanks to all of our participants who spent countless hours partaking in hops for our enjoyment. The entire, full-size photo collection is available on flickr.


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